9 Things You Need To Know Today (October 21)

1. There's an interesting link between parenting styles and narcissism.

A soon-to-be-released paper theorizes that narcissistic behavior stems from the self-worth people are instilled with during childhood. Basically, hyperconfident narcissists were raised by extremely lax parents while vulnerable narcissists who are trying to prove something to others were raised by more controlling parents. This research supports the idea that the sweet spot to well-adjusted kids is right in the middle. (Science of Us)

2. An organic label doesn't always buy you much.

A new EWG study finds that around 20 percent of cosmetics products tested that are labeled "organic" are made using some pretty dirty ingredients. So, how is that possible? There is still no federal standard for "organic" cosmetics products derived from chemicals. Sigh. (EWG)

3. There were more sexually transmitted diseases reported in the last year than. ever. before.

The three most commonly contracted STDs—syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea—all increased for the second consecutive year. While the jury is still out on why, theories like The Tinder Effect and antibiotic resistance are under consideration. Young people ages 15 to 24, racial minority groups, and gay men are the most affected populations. (NYT)

4. Taurine, which you may recognize as one of the ingredients in Red Bull, may have healing properties for the mentally ill.

Let's be clear: We're not saying Red Bull is good for anyone. But a recent study shows that people experiencing their first episode of psychosis—like schizophrenia—saw an improvement in symptoms when taking taurine versus the group that took placebo. Red Bull won't give us wings, but this promising news sure does. (Clinical Trials)

5. Election anxiety is taking a toll on our mental health.

New evidence shows that Campaign 2016 is having an emotional impact on people, and, in some cases, even ruining relationships. The fighting and acrimonious campaigning between Clinton and Trump, is, according to an APA poll, most stressing out those Americans who use social media. (NYT)


6. Why tomatoes lose flavor in the fridge: Their genes chill out.

Didn't your granny teach you to keep your tomatoes out of the fridge? Now scientists have figured out why: It's because some of their genes chill out. Cooling tomatoes below 54 degrees stops them from making some of the substances that contribute to their taste, according to researchers who dug into the genetic roots of the problem. (NYT)

7. The next big thing in coffee?

What comes after nitro cold brew, draft lattes, and the latest flavored coffee drinks? Coffee shops in Brooklyn where customers aren't charged per cup but by the amount of time they spend in the space instead. The good news is that within the time you're there, you can eat unlimited amounts of granola bars, drink bottomless cups of coffee, and get free Wi-Fi. Sold! (Grub Street)

8. Winter is coming. Does that mean the Zika virus is on its way out?

While chillier temperatures may mark the end of mosquito season, the Zika virus isn't necessarily going anywhere. Unfortunately, because scientists still don't understand that much about Zika, the virus may very well last through the winter. (The Atlantic)

9. Here's another reason to cut out artificial sweeteners.

Want to have a baby someday? You might want to steer clear of Diet Coke. According to a new study, there may be a link between consuming artificial sweeteners and infertility. (Telegraph)

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