The Muscle & Joint Recovery Ritual That Only Takes 5 Minutes

The Muscle & Joint Recovery Ritual That Only Takes 5 Minutes Hero Image
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The most compelling health brew of the moment isn’t new, but tea, is nonetheless experiencing a major renaissance. Step forward Barbara Close, founder of Naturopathica, and a modern day brewing alchemist whose floor-to-ceiling shelves are filled with copious jars of loose-leaf herbs and teas that reach all the way to vaulted ceilings.

The healing powers of tea are rooted in the ritual of steeping and the warmth of the water, both of which are near infallible solutions for stress, muscle relaxation, and improving joint stiffness. The key to the cure-all is choosing the right ingredients. For this, I asked Barbara to guide you through muscle and joint recovery elixirs that focus on recovery and self-care.

Feeling depleted from the long summer days, we look forward to fall as our time to refocus inward. We resume our routines, mind our health, and appreciate the comforts of home. With temperatures shifting from hot to cool, we take note of the fluctuations in our bodies, shifts in energy or moods, or the flexibility in our muscles and joints.

At Naturopathica Chelsea, our Healing Arts Center & Spa in New York City, we see a rise in athletics as the cool temperatures and changing leaves inspire people to get back outdoors: run, hike, bike, or take a local boot camp on the High Line. Attractions like the New York City Marathon in early November motivate each of us to move a little more. The only thing standing in the way of our marathon? Sore muscles and joints that tempt us to forgo our new fitness goals. To help, we've created a range of remedies that help soothe and invigorate sore muscles.

Turmeric is the key ingredient in both elixirs. Also known as Indian saffron, it dates back 4,000 years to Ayurvedic medicine, where it was prized as a powerful anti-inflammatory spice. A member of the ginger family, turmeric has regained popularity for its pure and potent ability to reduce inflammation in the body, including muscle and joint soreness.


Try this delicious recipe at home to help soothe sore muscles and joints:

Muscle & Joint Recovery Elixir

  • 175 ml pineapple juice
  • 175 ml apple and pear juice blend
  • 1½ ounces citrus shot (50 percent orange juice, 25 percent lemon juice, 25 percent lime juice)
  • ¼ teaspoon turmeric
  • ⅛ teaspoon cayenne
  • 2 ml Naturopathica Turmeric Muscle & Joint Tincture

Muscle & Joint Recovery Ritual

Herbal medicine has been used for centuries to improve health and build vitality. Prepare our Muscle & Joint Recovery Ritual and allow the soothing blend of herbs, honey, and spices help restore your body and mind.


  1. Assemble your tea, kettle, glass beaker, strainer, and mug. Fill your kettle with water and set to boil. Once you start to hear the tea kettle rumble, then it is ready.
  2. Measure out 1 teaspoon of Muscle & Joint Tea per 6 to 8 ounces of water in the base of your beaker. Add water, then set your timer for 5 minutes. Your tea will be a rich crimson color once it is finished brewing. Prepare your mug and slowly transfer the liquid, using your strainer to catch the loose tea.
  3. Complete your ritual by stirring in Stress Resistance Fortified Honey, infused with adaptogen herbs Siberian ginseng and schisandra berry to increase the body's resistance to stress. Follow with the Turmeric Muscle & Joint Tincture to help reduce inflammation, relieve sore muscles, and expedite healing.
  4. Sip slowly and experience personal transformation as this simple self-care ritual repairs and invigorates your body and mind.

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