Why You Should Be Starting Your Day With This Brazilian Breakfast

If you're based out of New York, you've probably noticed that tapioca crepes have become the latest food trend to take over town—even Vogue and the New York Times covered it.

Much like with the popularity of poke, it feels like this dish gained success overnight, with eateries like OCA in Nolita, Beach Bistro 96 in Rockaway Beach, and TAP, which will be set to open in January on the Upper West Side in NYC.

This concept that's been in existence for decades is bound to hit other markets in no time.

Brazil is no stranger to being at the forefront of presenting the next wellness fad, as the birthplace of the acai bowl, and a big hitter when it comes to coconut water, the country knows a thing or two about how to make being healthy a lifestyle.

Tapioca crepes are also a favorite go-to Brazilian breakfast, and one you should be eating too.

Made from the Cassava root, they're naturally gluten-free, loaded with calcium, iron, folic acid, fiber, AND supports the growth of serotonin.

Besides, it's delicious. They have some similarities to a French crepe or an Indian dosa—and can be eaten with sweet or savory toppings—but the texture is crunchy and they come together very quickly.

A traditional take is stuffed with banana and cheese (a combination you find a lot in Brazil), but by adding high-protein ingredients like eggs or yogurt, seasonal veggies like mushrooms and squash and nut butters, one can make an already healthy dish into something even more nutritionally sound.

Lucky for us there's no need to wait till the trend train dominates your city (which it will), TAP actually sells the ready-to-cook dehydrated tapioca flour, and there are plenty of recipes and videos to show you how to master the art of this dish.

1. Keep it simple.

Simplicity goes a long way. Spread this crepe with a layer of almond butter, with fresh blueberries or strawberries, and toasted coconut for when you have little time and want to start your day off on a sweet note.

2. Swap cream cheese for Greek yogurt.

Remember bagels, cream cheese, and jelly? With a little twist on this childhood favorite, we made it healthier by subbing in yogurt and drizzling honey and topping it with toasted pumpkin seeds.

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3. Make an epic brunch dish.

Scramble eggs with pesto, or make it Mexican and do a huevos rancheros style and spread refried beans, add a fried egg, and top it with your favorite salsa.

4. Get back to the basics.

Crepes with melted dark chocolate and strawberries or bananas. You know that combo never gets old.

5. Try mushroom and miso.

Japanese food and culture are very present in Brazil, so adding ghee-sauteéd mushrooms with a creamy miso dressing can certainly feed into any umami craving you might be having.

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6. Or try this curried crepe.

For us curry is always welcome. Just sauté some shaved Brussels sprouts in olive oil and curry spice blend, spread some pureed squash on your crepe, and you've got yourself the perfect fall meal.

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