How The Founders of LOVE GOODLY Are Transforming LA's Eco-Conscious Movement

How The Founders of LOVE GOODLY Are  Transforming  LA's Eco-Conscious Movement Hero Image

The most interesting story in Los Angeles right now is its immense ambitions in the hybrid of green and social movement. Step forward Justine Lassoff and Katie Bogue Miller—founders of cruelty-free subscription box service and online shop LOVE GOODLY—who are noticeably at the forefront of this push towards eco-consciousness.

Do Good.Be Green—their latest brainchild taking place on Saturday November 5th in L.A—is an inaugural conference uniting eco-style, health, and sustainability. The event, headlined by Angela Lindvall, American model and activist, is being held at The Collection, a historic building in Downtown Los Angeles, just across the street from the brand-new 42,000 square foot Whole Foods Market.

With a kaleidoscopic panel that includes Julie Longyear, the founder of Blissoma, Laura Klein from Organic Authority and beauty pioneer Jill Ettinger, this bevy of powerful female entrepreneurs will be sharing stories of how one person, one ingredient and one tradition can unite. "My cofounder Katie and I are both passionate about living a green and cruelty free lifestyle. We noticed the popularity of mainstream beauty conferences and blogger-influencer meet up's, and wanted to create an alternative for the growing community who are looking for health, conscious brands and cruelty free choices," says Justine.

Katie follows the tradition of environmental pioneers who reimagine ways of living in the face of change and seeking to explore "what a nontoxic, vegan interactive marketplace, with eco and wellness panels and non-profit spotlights looks like. Our conference will only enhance our mission of helping make it easy for women to make healthier and kinder choices."

Beauty and consciousness is about how it makes you feel, as much as what’s in it.


It’s in that same spirit that Angela pulls back the curtain on this conscious shift. "Realizing what it means to be a human on this beautiful planet is imperative because we are at a brink of a new consciousness. Do Good.Be Green is all about being responsible for your consumer choices. It puts change into the individuals hands. It's starts with each person and effects the collective on a larger scale. If we invest in companies doing good, and boycott goods that are not, it forces change."

But can one individual have an impact collectively? "To inspire people about their individual impact, we really need to keep having a conversation about change and what that looks like. I believe in hope. We can't turn a blind eye anymore. Things are not going to suddenly change from the top down. We the people, need to make the change, demand the change and protest with our dollar."

Green beauty never felt and looked so good.

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