This Is The Best-Selling Beauty Product At ABC Home

This Is The Best-Selling Beauty Product At ABC Home Hero Image
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You already know that mbg has an affinity for uncovering behind-the-scenes shopping secrets. But there's another retailer we like to peruse for lesser-known global beauty buys: ABC Home.

Yes, the place we usually reserve for buying beaded ornaments, arrows of love, incense and pillows, is also home to a surprising array of under-the-radar beauty gems. On my last browse, I met with Erica Gatsik, ABC's Divisional Merchandise Manager, who sat me down and told me why the Scandinavian brand Nuori's Supreme-C Serum Treatment has become the best-selling beauty product in its apothecary.

Photo credit: ABC

"A lot of our apothecary at ABC is either natural or organic, and Nuori is so popular due not only to those aspects, but to their dedication to being the freshest product available," says Erica. What's unique about this vitamin C is its "food grade" botanical ingredients and a powder form of 7.5 precent ascorbic acid. "The items are freshly blended in small batches every 12 weeks in a lab in Denmark. Each item is then stamped with two dates, a start-using-by date and an expiration date. The first date tells consumers when to start using a product, at the latest, in order to benefit from the optimum freshness and efficacy of the formula. The second serves as a reminder of when a product should be replaced by a new, fresh one." When they say fresh, they mean it.

Minimal aesthetics and laid-back attitudes, Scandinavians have become the arbiters of cool, so, it's no wonder the Arctic love is growing Stateside. The company's ethos centers around freshness and its unique method is the brainchild of founder Jasmi Bonnén. She has said that when she was researching the chemical stability of cosmetics, she found numerous studies documenting that commonly used active ingredients start losing their beneficial properties in just a matter of a few months due to oxidization.

Like fresh food, Nuori's ingredients simply don't need preservatives and additives—a philosophy of beauty consciousness that's struck a chord with customers. Selling the "Scandi in a bottle" lifestyle has never seemed more appealing, and with one of the most rapid lead times to shelf in the industry, the brand's utilization of natural resources and a sense of minimalist cool seems to be resonating.

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