Why Pink Makeup Makes You Believe Everything Is More Rosy

Why Pink Makeup Makes You Believe Everything Is More Rosy Hero Image

Pink is usually a color associated with spring and it’s not hard to understand why; candied shades are far easier to get on board with when they go hand in hand with a season’s vibrant days. Bold fuchsias, petal pinks and soft lilacs; pink makeup calls to mind the prettiest of flower-filled gardens and provides a welcome antidote to winter's dark nails—lessons in beauty psychology don't get any better.

As a color, its ability to stir up emotions, gender bias and feminine connotations are legendary. "The power of pink lies in its combination of passionate red and the purity of white," says Feng Shui expert Anjie Cho. "In Feng Shui, pink is a color that creates romantic and rosy emotions. This is especially important in colder, light-scarce months, when we need the bright clarity of white with the warmth and positivity of fiery red."

There's no denying the allure of pink, its sensuality, its 'pretty potential.' Yet far from being pigeon-holed as sweet, fall's current rosy tones feel intelligent, modern and strong to me. Echoing the all-out visual uplift we are all calling for in our life right now, using the pink spectrum to your advantage is like putting on rose-colored glasses every single day and embracing something far greater.

"If you think of pink being red and white, then it's easy to understand its primal power. White is best for a fresh start. It’s a blank canvas, it’s a new page. Red is the most primary of primary colors, the very blood in our veins is red! Now can you see why pink can be so potent?"


It’s the look after a morning of skiing, a piping hot bath or great sex; soft pink flushed cheeks. All shades of pink really look amazing on the face for winter when cheeks turn reddish and skin is paler than usual. I love dusty roses, metallic mauves and cherry hues; lovely pigments to ink on a relatively blank face save for my trusted Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Espresso. Doll-like pink blusher such as GMO-free brand Lily Lolo's Blush Pressed Powder in In The Pink is an adult take on the cuteness of the oft-perceived saccharine color, while Kjaer Weiss Happy Cream Blush is the perfect orchid-inspired shade. Then there's the part lit-from-within gleam, part elemental luck and a dab of Tata Harper's Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint in Very Charming that I've been trying on my cheeks recently to great effect—when nature cooperates, that is.



On the eyes, a hot pink pigment pressed into lids, and then blended with a soft brush looks almost painterly. While certain shades can be too red, making you look tired, the trick with pink eye shadow is to choose a color that is different enough from your own skin tone. In my case, that's W3LL People Elitist Eyeshadow Powder in Pink Salmon. I'm also pretty obsessed with Rituel De Fille Ash & Ember Eye Soot in Sigil, which leaves a glimmer of rose-gold vying for its place on my lids and evokes balmy evenings and long summer nights—however far away they might feel.


Pink somehow boosts the natural color of your lips with a mere swipe. If you want to go bolder than a pastel shade, a fearless pop of fuchsia is a statement lip color to get behind. A matte magenta like Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. Natural SPF 30 in Fuchsia Flare blotted, reapplied and then blotted some more is my choice. If you're partial to a glossy and neon mouth, then you should try the socially conscious makeup line Evelyn Iona's Lip Gloss in Susan and Illia's Neon Angel Lipstick respectively.

After a lifetime spent in stereotypes, embracing la vie en rose is my unexpected beauty Rx for the season. Pretty and powerful in pink? That’s an idea I support—mood-lifting effects guaranteed.

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