7 Things You Need To Know Today (October 11)

Written by Leigh Weingus

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1. A Nobel Prize winner says you should feast on fruit and red wine.

Thanks to this year’s Nobel Prize winner, Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi autophagy—which literally means self-devouring work—we now know that eating pomegranates, turmeric, red grapes, and red wine stop the accumulation of garbage in our cells and help recycle toxic compounds that keep us healthy. Bottoms up! (The Guardian)

2. A poor diet is now the biggest health risk factor all over the globe.

Yep, our diets are making us really sick. In fact, a recent report found that a poor diet outweighs "the burden of all other [health] risk factors combined." And this isn't just a problem for Americans—it's happening across the globe. (NPR)

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3. Pro athletes are so not on board with Trump's idea of "locker room talk."

Donald Trump attempted to defend atrocious statements he made while he thought his mic was off with the argument that it was just "locker room" talk in the presidential debates on Wednesday night. But pro athletes like Sean Doolittle and Robbie Rogers dismissed the statement in no uncertain terms. Kendall Marshall even tweeted, "PSA: sexual advances without consent is NOT locker room talk." We should hope not. (Esquire)

4. Global warming is totally destroying our forests.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that global warming spurs forest fires, but a new study illustrates just how much it fuels the problem. The findings out of the National Academy of Sciences show that human-caused warming has caused an additional 10.4 million acres to go up in flames since 1984. (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)

5. As it turns out, parents have no idea when their kids are telling the truth.

Parents really need to up their game when it comes to recognizing when kids aren't telling them the truth. Generally speaking, adults were only able to detect when a child was lying 47 percent of the time. In other words, adults are better off guessing. (Science Of Us)

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6. If you want to help close the wage gap between men and women, hand your son a vacuum.

Typecasting starts early, and according to new research, girls are doing a disproportionate amount of a household's chores for no good reason. The time that girls spend cleaning is time that they're not studying, making friends, or practicing a musical instrument—arguably affecting her job prospects later on. If only all solutions were as easy as doling out more chores. (Washington Post)

7. You've been lied to for years—eight glasses of water a day is totally unnecessary.

The amount of water you need is based on where you live, your size, and your activity level. While it may be true that people need to drink more water, the idea that every human needs eight glasses a day is largely unsubstantiated and often doesn't consider the water value of food and other beverages. We'll raise a glass to that. (NYT)

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