The Alchemical Power Of Halloween Makeup

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We love costumes, candy, and pumpkin-carving as much as ever. But we also know there's a whole other side to Halloween—a world of spiritual significance to tap into. So, leading up to October 31, we're sharing content aimed to help you connect with your transcendent potential and more effectively create the life you want, from the inside out. In other words, to manifest magic.

Today, we're looking at how makeup can be totally transformative!

Halloween conjures up a starry night sky, and who wouldn't want their eyes and cheekbones reflecting ethereal light. Yup, your face is the canvas for the magic and fun of this holiday weekend. Ethereal makeup plays a part in some of our most potent female archetypes. "I love metallic sheens on bare skin," says Katey Denno, who paints the faces of Felicity Jones, Connie Britton, and Amanda Seyfried to name but a few. "It can look so magical and otherworldly—perfect for Halloween."

"My signature look for red carpet makeup is to allow natural beauty to shine, focusing on glowing skin, and either a bold lip, or a fluttery cat-eye with a great lash line. It's the same for Halloween—a moment in our life where we step out of our normal routines and have fun with how we see ourselves." Cue glittery pigments, holographic creams and fun faux lashes. Whether you want to play around with Halloween heroines (good witch, vampiress, or the ever-classic, Wednesday Addams), here's Katey's guide to manifesting makeup magic:

I may go for a more subdued, natural look on the red carpet, but there is no time like Halloween to get my creative juices flowing! Whether you're dressing up as a spooky ghoul or a beautiful ethereal creature, below I've outlined a few of my favorite tips for a low-fi and romantic beauty statement.


Ethereal Look

Gather with close friends in your bathroom or dressing area, and set the mood by prepping your transformation space as you burn sage and light a white candle. If your costume lends itself to glowing cheeks, eyelids—or perhaps your entire face is calling for a dreamlike display—try swirling on a little of the coconut oil based Living Luminizer or wild-crafted Buruti Bronze cream (depending on your skin tone) from RMS Beauty. Then dust on Honest Beauty Luminizing Powder under brows, sides of the nose and jaw for an extra dose of shimmery glow that melts right into skin. These products are 100 percent nontoxic, and therefore 100 percent safe to press and swirl into the skin of your little goblins, as well!

Transformational Pigments

Loose pigment and glittery eye shadow like those from Alima Pure can be pressed into the skin or dusted into the hair for a last-minute, ethereally beautiful look—you can even layer colors for a multidimensional twist. For Halloween, anything goes, so don't be afraid to try something new that you would never otherwise do: think heavy-glittery lids paired with a set of jewel-encrusted false lashes. Transformational pigments bridge the gap between shimmer and paler fall complexions, making them the perfect transitional makeup shades to invest in right now.

Eyes Are the Window to the Soul

A kohl-rimmed eye is the fastest way to add mystery to your Halloween look, and there are countless creamy eyeliner products from the green beauty market to help you accomplish it. Using Ilia Shadow Play Eyeliner—a gunmetal shimmery stick—trace the outline of your upper and lower lashes, using your finger, a small brush, or cotton swab to really coat the skin. A creamy black eyeliner from Vapour Beauty or W3LL People will bring intensity to the look as you really work it into your lash line and smudge it just above and below your lashes. Finish with a few coats of black mascara for extra glamour.

Embodying 'ethereal' and 'supernatural' can be a lovely reminder to catch the light, whenever possible. Happy Halloween!

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