Easy Tips To Feed A Family With Different Dietary Needs (From A Raw Food Nutritionist)

I'm Sophie, a certified raw food nutritionist and chef, yoga teacher, personal trainer, mother of two adorable (but picky) eaters, and wife to my loving husband.

All four of us eat pretty differently. My husband is Israeli and craves authentic hummus, pita, and lots of meat, whereas I love eating superfoods and raw vegan foods. My oldest son Kai eats pretty much a macrobiotic diet, and Leo is a carnivore and eats nonstop.

Instead of making four separate meals, we usually make the same thing with a couple of different options. We stock our fridge with tons of fresh produce because even if my family is craving a meat dish, I always incorporate veggies and try to add my spin to dishes for the whole family.

For example, we often make zucchini "noodles" (aka spiralized zucchini that's in the shape of pasta) and mix it with a raw vegan pesto. Usually we separate that into two pans and add vegan meatballs to one pan for Kai and me, and then turkey meatballs in the other pan for the carnivores, Adi and Leo. Instead of making a totally different dish, we just make slight modifications so that everyone is happy and we still feel like we're sharing a meal together.


I make sure to stock up on tons of easy snacks. The kids are always hungry, and I'm often eating on the go, so having healthy snacks on hand is a must. This is where food prepping comes in. If you have healthy food prepared in your fridge in front of you, you're going to eat it. I try to make an effort to boil eggs, chop veggies, cook quinoa or rice, and roast veggies for snacks and for making yummy salads in a snap! It saves a lot of time, and I notice that I really do eat healthy if I prepare ahead of time.

We also have a lot of spreads like Arla, my family's favorite cream cheese that's preservative and hormone-free; different flavors of hummus; and garlic spread to spice up salads and gluten-free sandwiches.

Health is an equilibrium of body, mind, and spirit. Eating healthy is one (very important) component of overall health. Your physical health, mental health, and your relationships are all what makes up true wellness.

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