Inspiration From Justin Bieber?!

Written by Tom Cronin

The other day I watched the Justin Bieber documentary called Never Say Never with my kids. It's true. I admit it. And you know what? It was brilliant!

It was a film that documented the life of Justin thus far (yes, all 18 years!) and also showed the lead up to his concert at Madison Square Garden. Not only was it a very well made film, but to peer into Justin Bieber world was inspiring. This guy is a fully expressed Being! He radiates lightness, clearness and his inner creative potential flows outwardly unimpeded. It's like there are no barriers to his ability to freely manifest his qualities.

Now here's the interesting thing. I find when I mention to people that I watched this film, and liked it, the responses are split into two groups.

One group's response is, "awesome, yeh I heard it was good. Isn't he amazing?"

The second one is along the lines of "oh, I can't stand that guy, he's so precocious and annoying."

So what's the reality? The world we experience is through a veneer or lens of our own consciousness. This determines the way we see things, and it's different for everyone.

Is he precocious and annoying, or clear, light and amazing? It's relative to your state of consciousness.

If you are open to growth, expansion and lightness, you will probably relate or be inspired by the ability of a 16-year-old old to fearlessly stand on a stage in front of 10,000 people and hold that space, captivating them, and expressing himself without limitations or fear.

If you are in a space of confinement, restriction and limitation, you will probably view that whole situation with some negative energy, as it is a polarity to you. Neither is right nor wrong. Merely an observation of one's vibrationary state.

Fear and lack of worthiness are two of the most powerful forces that keep us confined and blocked. What amazes me about Justin (yes, we're on first name basis now) is how, as far as I could see, he doesn't have these two limiting characteristics in him. How much do we hold back from writing that book, holding that art exhibition, making that film, applying for that job or running that yoga class because we feel we aren't capable, or worthy, and that the perception of us will be critical?

What is that fear? It's a mental concept. Programming. What is that feeling of unworthiness? It too is a mental concept. Programming. It's all changeable. When transcending in Stillness Sessions we go beyond the programming. This twice daily practice melts away those barriers to a complete expression of Creative Self.

What would the planet be like if we removed our barriers of fear and unworthiness and creatively, consciously lived?

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