Your Mind Is the Mirror

It just came to me yesterday after I did two full days of exercising and I'm talking rigorous exercise. I stepped out of the shower, tired, relaxed, and feeling liquid. At that moment I looked at my reflection and thought, “Wow, you look fit.” Most of you are probably thinking, “I don’t want to hear about your personal love fest.” That’s not my point. That’s a different article, and I don’t think I’m there yet. One week ago, I was traveling, dealing with kids, and not getting enough time to train and feeling so out of shape. Do I really look any different to anyone else besides myself in seven days? Probably not.

I understand and realize the emphasis on being motivated by how we look, but I have gotten so connected to the idea of how we feel about how we look. Exercise will tone your tummy and firm your butt. More importantly, however, at times it will make you feel good and actually see yourself. I think you can look great but not feel like you look great. Same person, different perspective.

Life can’t be all about looks. We have to be searching for something greater in order to even enjoy how we look. You could look “hot,” and feel like a miserable cow-never feeling attractive or fit. Sometimes the exercise makes you feel the hot. Why was I so fluid? I had the luxury of spending two days in a row, four hours at a pop, outside in nature, groveling. It was wonderful. I was with other people doing the same, bonding with them, working hard, and feeling good about myself for doing the work. My mind was free from all the daily crap that holds us down. My mind, spirit, and body were free.

If you think being a size 2 is going to cut it, you’re wrong. It’s an entire exploration. Quite frankly, the moving and eating healthy are a support, a sound emotional perspective, besides just being good for you. Don’t look at exercising and eating well as just a way to get thin or to lose those last few pounds. Try to discover a way to enjoy it, and use it as a tool to influence how you feel and connect with your body. It’s so easy to get disconnected from ourselves and our tool. We’re not just “objects” (ladies). We are actually meant to enjoy ourselves and go our there and play a little. When you do, you’ll be surprised who shows up in that mirror.

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