How To Boost Energy Without Caffeine, Sugar, Or More Sleep

Written by Genevieve Faulkner

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Are you someone who is always tired? Do you struggle to have enough energy to get through the day? Do you often repeat to yourself that life would be better if you got more sleep?

What if lack of sleep wasn't the main reason you were so tired? Instead of boosting energy by trying to take more in, especially because getting more sleep isn't always an immediate possibility, we can reverse energy drainage by addressing where, how, and why we lose it. By raising awareness of where we lose energy, we can conserve it and spend it more judiciously.

Take a look at the questions below to help you identify your largest energy drains and some suggestions on how to fix them.

Are you being projected upon?

Are you aligning and agreeing to other people's points of view? What if their beliefs aren't really true for you?

When I was pregnant I had so many people say to me "Get some rest now because you are going to be exhausted." Now I'm not saying I didn't get tired at times, but were they fortunetellers? No. Did they know for sure how tired I would be? Certainly not. They assumed because that was their experience, it would be mine.

This is called a projection. When someone tells you what an experience will be like, or what you are like, they project their point of view at you. If you take that on as truth, you will end up re-creating that experience for yourself.

Ask yourself if the tiredness you are feeling is because of someone else's point of view. If you start to feel more energized, after a minute or two, you will know the tiredness you are feeling is really coming from someone else.

What does your body actually require?

Did you know that your body has its own consciousness? If you ask it questions it will give you answers; you just have to be willing to hear them.

When you come to a conclusion about what your body needs, like assuming it requires more sleep, you won't receive the information of what it's really asking for.

Ask your body the question "What would be required in order for you to have more energy?" You may start with water and food, or you may get the urge to exercise, be cuddled, or lie in the sun.

If you give your body what it desires, you will stop craving that thing that will stop you from feeling tired. Chances are you'll feel more energized almost immediately.

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What are you tired of?

Another reason why people get tired is because they are doing something in their life that doesn't actually work for them.

Ask yourself "What am I tired of?" or "What isn't serving me?" Is it a routine? Is it a relationship in your life or in your work perhaps? Are you resistant to a change that your body or being desires? If you start looking at what else is possible for you and start taking action toward a different lifestyle, the energy around you will start moving, new possibilities will start to appear in your life, and that tired feeling may transform into a new zest for living.

You need to release what's no longer serving you in order to make room for something new, energizing, and exciting.

What do you need to let go of?

Have you been holding onto any repressed emotional energy?

Because our natural state is well-being, it takes a lot of energy to keep a tight grip on the past and the emotions associated with it. More often than not, we clutch onto guilt, sadness, regret, or resentment. But the energy we spend subconsciously holding onto these things adds up and could be better used to create a more fulfilling life right now.

If you suspect you're tired because you're holding onto emotions from the past, you may want to consult a professional therapist or healer (like a hypnotist, theta healer, or kinesiologist as they specialize in relating the mental and emotional to the physical) who can assist you in releasing the beliefs and emotions that is keeping your past relevant.

You could also ask yourself the question "What could I let go of that would allow me to have more energy?" Sometimes even just asking the question will activate your subconscious to start releasing what's weighing you down. You may have moments of feeling pretty emotional as the old narratives start to release, but if you are willing to be present with yourself and allow yourself to move on, in a few days or weeks you find a spring to your step you didn't have before.

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