Why Flower Elixirs Deserve A Spot In Your Holistic Repertoire

Written by Katie Hess
Why Flower Elixirs Deserve A Spot In Your Holistic Repertoire

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Flowers are like the antennae of Mother Earth. Reaching their roots deep down into the ground, they are inseparable from the Earth's ecosystem of 4.8 billion years of wisdom and experience. The blossoms capture and emit large quantities of light from the sun.

Flower elixirs travel through the acupuncture meridians, like an acupuncture treatment without the needles.

Of all the different parts of a plant, the blossoms have the strongest bioenergetic value because flowers are the reproductive system of the plant and contain the most life force. This is why elixirs are made from the flowers and not the roots, leaves, or stems of a plant.

Flower elixirs are liquid infusions of fresh flowers. They consist of water that contains the bioenergetic imprint of the flowers. Alcohol is added to the water, acting as a natural preservative to help retain the flowers' bioelectrical signature. Flower elixirs travel through the acupuncture meridians, like an acupuncture treatment without the needles.

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Flower elixirs through history

Flowers have been used for their healing benefits for thousands of years, in a variety of cultures from Australian Aboriginals to ancient Egyptians. Some even say they were in prolific use in ancient civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis.

For more than 1,000 years, yogis and yoginis in the Himalayas have used small, round, handmade pills that contain the vital essences of flowers, gemstone minerals, and water to support their meditation practice. Called chulen, a Tibetan word that means "taking the essence," they help sustain the meditators during long fasting retreats in which they eat only one to three chulen pills per day. Taking the essence of flowers or gemstones is part of longevity practices that are said to have the side benefit of preventing gray hair and wrinkles while profoundly deepening meditation.

Dr. Bach's work led to the resurgence of the use of flower elixirs in the Western world.

In modern times, the name Dr. Bach is closely tied to these remedies. Dr. Edward Bach was a British physician who became disillusioned with the medical system. He wanted to get to the root cause of physical imbalances, and he felt that Western allopathic medicine was focused only on treating symptoms. He became a homeopathic doctor, and soon after, he discovered yet another form of healing.

In the 1930s, Dr. Bach lived in the English countryside with fields of flowers all around him. He began to work with the dewdrops on flowers, just as Hildegard and Paracelsus had prescribed them to patients centuries before. Dr. Bach realized his patients needed more than just dewdrops, so he developed a solar-infusion method to increase production. He collected the flowers' mother essence by soaking the flowers in water in the sunlight; this water was further diluted in order to treat himself and his patients. During his lifetime he collected a total of 38 remedies, classified their healing properties, and documented the effects on his patients. Dr. Bach's work led to the resurgence of the use of flower elixirs in the Western world.

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What flower elixirs do for us:

1. Flower elixirs reawaken joy.

People who take flower elixirs consistently seem to emanate good energy wherever they go. That good energy is tangible and noticed by people around them. They often report that the flower elixirs bring joy back into the picture when life seems to have chased it away.

2. Flower elixirs help us sleep better.

Because they dissolve static, tension, and stress, flower elixirs slow down our monkey minds, making it easier to wind down and to sleep more soundly.

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3. Flower elixirs help us feel more like "us."

Flower elixirs cleanse our energetic fields of energies that are not our own. Whether the energetic residues come from being around other people, from past sexual partners, or from toxic places where we spend a lot of time (work, for example), flower elixirs strip away everything that is not us, to bring out our true nature.

4. Flower elixirs help us be more present.

Our pace of life is speedy, creating mental static, dulling our awareness, and causing us to lose focus. Within several weeks of taking flower elixirs, many people remark that they suddenly hear the birds singing and feel more connected to what's happening around them.

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5. Flower elixirs dissolve self-limiting beliefs.

Most people have one or more self-limiting beliefs. I'm not good enough. I don't deserve it. I can't do it. I don't have what it takes. These beliefs are usually buried in the subconscious. Most of us don't even know they exist or notice the sneaky ways in which they manifest. Over time, flower elixirs make us more and more aware of when self-limiting beliefs are in play, and they offer us the enhanced mental stability and clarity to see and uproot them. Our thoughts and emotions are passing like the clouds, and our true nature is like the sky. Rather than get stuck in the clouds, flower elixirs help us to understand more deeply the potential of the sky.

6. Flower elixirs attract better people into our lives.

We attract people with our same vibe, and if we’re consistently refining our energies and ourselves, it only makes sense that the type of people who resonate with us—and are magnetized to us—will also be more and more refined. People report this phenomenon with co-workers, friends, romantic partners, family members, and even strangers. On top of this, there appears to be a heightened sense of synchronicity, in that we often find ourselves in the right place at the right time, so that opportunities are drawn to us, reflecting our readiness to expand.

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