THIS Is What Tom Brady Eats When He's Looking To Indulge

Tom Brady is the pinnacle of healthy eating, following a regimen of anti-inflammatory plants and lean meats. His commitment to a clean diet is seriously impressive; Who else do you know who has managed to cut out dairy, gluten, caffeine, and most fruit?

It would seem that Halloween—a holiday that sells an estimated 15 billion pieces of candy, each packed with about 10 grams of sugar, artificial flavors and colors—should be his absolute least favorite day of the year (minus any time the Jets win a game).

But this new video proves that, yes, even the hyper-healthy quarterback indulges from time to time. It shows him biting into an Unreal Candy peanut butter cup that transports him into his "special place"—a meditative, candy-induced trance. We can get on board with his treat, as Unreal is made with less sugar and is free of artificial flavoring and GMOs. Not to mention, it actually tastes like the real deal and is basically the unofficial candy of choice at mbg.

Brady has long been our office's dietary icon, and we love him even more for reminding us that even the cleanest diets deserve a little wiggle room.

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