Julianne Moore's Favorite Workout - Yoga!

At age 50, actress and mom, Julianne Moore, looks amazing. So how does she look so good? She loves yoga and isn't a fan of spinning or cosmetic surgery.

When asked about her favorite workout, Julianne tells Health magazine:

"I do Ashtanga yoga three times a week, and I run a couple of times a week, too. I really like yoga; I enjoy the actual doing of it, so it doesn’t feel like the agony of the gym felt like to me."

She gave spinning a whirl but wasn't a fan:

"Spinning. My girlfriend was like, 'Let’s go Spinning!' I went and was like, 'Oh my God, my head hurts from the yelling and yelling and yelling.' It was too much stimulation for me. My friend loved it because it got her energized and excited, but for me I just got overwhelmed. Yoga is quiet and focused."

Julianne isn't a fan of cosmetic surgery, either:

"My feeling is live and let live. But some of those procedures that make you look younger—I don’t know that they really made anybody look younger. I think most of the time they made you look like you’ve had something done to your face."

Namaste to that!

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