7 Helpful Tips to Get Creative, Get Happy

No one's gonna do it for you. For so many years I existed in this world as a closet creative. I had a deep attraction to all things artsy from, sculpture and painting in my first elementary school art class to visits to the Smithsonian with my parents and sisters.(My mom dressed me and my sisters matching white coats with rainbow stripes.)Yet when it came to my own expression as an able artistic participant in this creative world, I'd shy away-embarrassed to reveal my own gifts as a talented singer and a messy but ambitious actor. I continued for the duration of my school years and on into college hiding behind a degree in Communications and Media Studies, but something had changed by then.

I was secretly forcing myself to do the very thing that scared me most: sing. I started to audition for any broadway plays when they came into town- heck i'd even begun auditioning for local theatre on regular basis. All the while I held down "corporate" jobs in customer service and clerical areas of business. Still, my inner artiste was planning her attack..even I couldn't fathom how drastically different my life and outlook would be when she fully revealed herself.

Today she is here and I couldn't be happier, or more myself. Creativity is always on the forefront of even my most mundane activities(making my green smoothies in the am led to a crazy song idea.) The real icing on the cake (in moderation) is that I was able to touch lives in ways that I wouldn't traditionally have been able to without music or acting. Just as an amazing performance or peculiar choice of notes affected "something" in my soul, I was in-turn doing the same for the next person. This is payment greater than gold.

I have never looked back, creativity is constant therapy for me. Society would have us to believe that we are existing in a money oriented, polluted, "me-first," environment and must adapt accordingly for survival. From an artistic standpoint I would argue the same, yet advise you to take a good look at the outcome of these types of ideals and their effect on our present state of events worldwide, and see that perhaps if everyone got a little more in touch with their inner creative..maybe things would be a little more harmonious on a global scale. To spark this movement, I encourage you to start the new creative trend yourself with these 7 helpful tips to getting your inner creative to blossom:

1. Take your inner creative seriously -- give him/her a chance

2. Don't be afraid to look foolish - that's where the magic happens

3. Stimulate your juices and get flowing -- arrange an environment in you home that gets you "in the mood" (yes, kinda like sex)

4. Be open minded about exploring new areas of inspiration

5. Realize everything is fair game for generating creative ideas -- don't think that just because you're not in your creative space the ideas wont come, they'll come when you're getting a new set of crowns put in, or at your emissions testing appointment, so be ready with pen and pad or recording device.

6. Grant yourself creative license -- nobody can do it but you, and when u do it's official.

7. There'll always be some who "get it" and some who dont.. get over it altogether..they're probably just afraid and jealous of your creative independence.

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