I'm Transgender. Here's Why I Don't Think I Was Born In The Wrong Body

Written by mindbodygreen

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Two years ago, Nathan Egan was living what many would consider a perfect life. He was at the helm of a successful company and had a loving marriage with his best friend. But as his personal and professional life began to fall apart, he recognized it as an opportunity for him to finally be himself. Today, the newly emerged Natalie Egan works as a transgender activist helping others embrace their true identities with her online platform, trans.cafe.

In this clip, Natalie describes why she doesn't resent having been born as Nathan, why she doesn't regret having spent decades living in the wrong body. Her newfound sense of femininity has made it all worth it, and the joys of womanhood have justified the trials it took to finally experience them.

Listen to the rest of Natalie’s powerful talk here

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