Shiva Rose On The Ayurvedic Rituals We Should All Be Trying

Photo: mbg creative

We’re sharing the best moments from #revitalize2016, our premier event bringing together wellness leaders and inspiring people. Want to get even more of the action? Check out the full talks here.

What Ayurvedic rituals should you start incorporating into your daily life? In the clip below, Shiva Rose—an actress in both TV and films, a writer, political activist, and natural beauty expert who was born and raised in Santa Monica, California—suggests oil pulling, cold showers, and a few other surprising ones. Shiva runs a holistic healthy living blog, The Local Rose, and has a Persian broadcasting company called Tapesh.

Find out more about these rituals below in her conversation with Olessa Pindak below.

Watch Shiva Rose’s full-length talk right here

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