Vegan Chef Tal Ronnen: If You Love Bacon Then 'Be a Vegan Who Eats Bacon'

Celebrity vegan chef Tal Ronnen has cooked for Portia DeRossi, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah. And he says if you think that you can't become a vegan if you love bacon, think again. He tells the Los Angeles Times:
"So many people tell me, 'I could be a vegan if it weren't for bacon,' and I tell them, 'Be a "vegan" who eats bacon. Real militant vegans hate when I say that. But if you are cutting back on the amount of meat that you eat, you're still doing something great for your health, for the planet and for the animal."
Ronnen, like our friends Kathy Freston and Dr. Neal Barnard encourage people to 'lean in' to vegetarianism or veganism by eating vegan a couple times a week or by participating in Meatless Mondays.

Ronnen says the problem with many vegan dishes is they're not filling:
"I just can't do the 'throw some vegetables and a starch on a plate' thing. That's the problem with most vegan dishes. It's a portobello mushroom cap, or a pasta primavera, and when you're finished with dinner you have to hit the drive-through. You have to give people something that will satisfy them. And that's a protein-based plate."

"If I could get one point across, it would be this: Being a vegan is not about depriving yourself. If you sit around eating lettuce and carrots all day because that's what you think vegans are doing, you're doing it wrong."
What do you think?
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