My Miami Beach Playlist: Kino MacGregor

Miami Beach is home to multi-dimensional skies that seem to burn all sorts of hues into your consciousness. There is something magical about catching a glimpse of the sunrise view on my way to practice yoga that opens my mind to a deeper, more peaceful way of being. One thing that I've always felt strongly about is the idea that living a peaceful life includes a good sense of the fun, full bodied experience of all that is. For me music with a good beat and a great message carries me straight into the full embrace of all of life. These songs capture the feeling of living in this sandy beach town.

1. Freedom ~ George Michael (YouTube)
2. Cascades of Colour ~ Ananda Project (Amazon)
3. Breathe You In ~ Samantha James (Amazon)
4. Here I Am (Kaskade's Mix) ~ David Morales With Tamra Keenan (YouTube)
5. Brand New Day ~ Andy Caldwell (YouTube)
6. Sirens of the Sea ~ OceanLab (Amazon)
7. What Else Is There? (Trentemoller Remix) ~ Röyksopp (Amazon)
8. Tides Featuring Bajka (C's Movement #1) (Carl Craig mix) ~ Beanfield (Amazon)
9. Made of Love (Duderstadt Progressive Remix) ~ Ferry Corsten (iTunes)
10. Silence ~ Delerium (iTunes)
11. This Years Love ~ David Gray (iTunes)

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