The Moment I Knew I Was A Shaman

We’re sharing the best moments from #revitalize2016, our premier event bringing together wellness leaders and inspiring people. Want to get even more of the action? Check out the full talks here.

Shaman Durek is a Los Angeles–based shaman sharing his age-old healing practices through seminars and workshops, one-on-one consultations, and home clearing visits. Third-generation shaman and the star of mbg's first original documentary, HEALERS, he travels the world helping people, including A-list celebs the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, unlock their own spiritual power.

Durek has known he possesses an otherworldly gift since preschool. Here, he tells mbg's Chief Brand Officer Colleen Wachob what it was like growing up with the ability to communicate with spirits of all sorts and touches on how he realized he was destined to become a spiritual guru.

Listen to the rest of Shaman Durek’s talk here.

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