7 Things You Need To Know Today (September 15)

1. This giant lavender labyrinth was snatched from our dreams and placed in Michigan.

This asymmetrical flower maze ends with an herb garden full of fragrant French lavender in this fantastical display. You need to check out the photos. (Mental Floss)

2. Tom Brady has never eaten a strawberry.

If you were a suspended professional athlete, how would you spend your time off? Tom Brady has been doing some fun-sounding things, like napping and reading books, but one thing's for sure: He's missing out on two of life's simplest pleasures, strawberries and coffee. Yes, it's true: The Patriots quarterback has never tried either one. (The Cut)

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3. Almost 20,000 people in England have quit smoking. We're impressed.

All thanks to e-cigarettes? The jury is still out. New studies show that e-cigs may have helped about 18,000 people in England quit smoking, but their long-term safety is still under review. (HuffPost)

4. One CEO is redefining the word "balance" with his ultra-marathon habit.

Some days it's a 9-mile run, others it's a 16-mile bike ride—all before 8 a.m. Henrik Kjellberg, CEO of Hotwire and CarRentals.com, says staying physically active helps him be a better father and a better CEO. (Fast Company)

5. Apple is upping its restrictions for health happens.

Apple's new directives for iOS developers says that if their app behaves in any way that could cause potential physical harm, the app might be rejected. (BuzzFeed News)

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6. Dust isn't just annoying—it might be toxic.

New research shows that your household dust is probably hiding some pretty nasty chemicals including flame retardants and hormone-disrupting phthalates. "The number and levels of toxic chemicals that are likely in every one of our living rooms was shocking to me," says study co-author Veena Singla. (The Washington Post)

7. Sober people make drinkers feel drunker.

A new study out of the United Kingdom suggests that if you're drinking, being around people who aren't drinking is likely to make you overestimate your own level of drunkenness. (Huffington Post)

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