A Simple Full Moon Ritual to Release Negativity + Promote Forgiveness

Written by Ariana Palmieri

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The full moon is a time when energy peaks, then releases, similar to that of a huge, cosmic sigh. For centuries people have admired the moon and used it to track the ebb and flow of tides, and the best moment to plant certain fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

However, for those who are unfamiliar with the moon's energy, the time of the full moon can be confusing. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be. Instead of wasting time and energy dwelling on negative events, here is a simple full moon ritual you can use to make the most of tonight. The best part? It's a quick five steps!

1. Take a moment to breathe.

Shut off all your electronics, close your eyes, and take a deep inhale. Hold it for five seconds, then release. Repeat this as many times as you need to clear your head. Forget the day's woes and let your body relax. You've earned it.

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2. Light a candle or some incense.

Once you are relaxed, take a moment to pick your favorite candle or incense and light it. Since the full moon is in Pisces, you might want to choose an incense that will align with that zodiac sign, such as sandalwood, lilac, frankincense, or myrrh. You can enhance this by adding a candle with Pisces' colors as well, which are ocean blue, seaweed green, and pearly white.

Doing this is not necessary, but it will enhance your connection to the full moon, which enhances intuition and aligns with the heart chakra. This will help you claim your inner Goddess and connect you with your soft, feminine side. For added benefit, you can even incorporate some crystals into your space, depending on what challenges you're currently facing.

3. Take a moment to think about an idea, habit, person, or situation that troubles you, then write it down.

When you're ready, take a moment to think about what's troubling you most. Is it a bad habit you just can't seem to stop or an argument that made you cry? It's OK if there's more than one thing troubling you. If it's a person, or multiple people, make sure you include their names so you give the universe more to work with.

Take your time to express yourself to your fullest intent. You can write a sentence or a paragraph for each problem, but know the more detail you put into each, the better off you'll be. For example, if you just had a fight with a loved one, mention that person's name, why you were fighting, and what upset you most about it. This will enhance the ritual's overall effectiveness.

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4. Spend a few minutes visualizing each problem/person you listed as healed.

Close your eyes and imagine each of the issues you listed being healed. Spend as much time here as you'd like. Really picture what it'd feel like to resolve the problem or forgive the person who hurt you. How happy would you be? How would others react?

For example, if one of the bad habits you listed is biting your nails, how happy would you be if you stopped? Would you let your nails grow out? If so, would you paint them a specific color or dabble in nail art? Would you receive a lot of compliments on your naturally grown-out nails? Really make the visualization come to life. Do this sort of visualization for each problem you listed (this will increase the likelihood of it truly being healed).

5. End with forgiveness and release.

When you're done visualizing, let all the negativity you have toward these problems drain away. See them as if they were already resolved, just like in your visualizations. By forgiving the situation or person who wronged you (even if it's yourself!), you open up room for positive growth and abundance.

To conclude, you may meditate on these feelings of forgiveness or simply say "I forgive you" to each problem you listed out loud. Depending on what feels right to you, you may burn your list of problems to release attachment to it, shred it, bury it, or simply keep it. You do not have to get rid of it, but you must release it mentally. Let the universe handle it from here. Reward yourself by taking a nice bath, getting a massage, or drifting off into sleep. Just make sure to put the candle and/or incense out first!

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