My 10 Favorite Quotes From the Dalai Lama During His Recent Visit to Australia

Earlier this year I'd booked two tickets for my husband and I to see His Holiness share his words of wisdom. I was fortunate enough to be one of more than 9,000 people gathered at Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens on that recent sunny winter's afternoon to hear Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th reincarnation of the first Dalai Lama, Tibet’s head of state and spiritual leader, speak about compassion, overcoming loss, the responsibilities of our generation, and happiness -- for all mankind.

The joyful spiritual leader’s contagious cheerfulness and sense of humour had most of us laughing throughout the talks, which quickly took on a deeper meaning as the His Holiness shared personal insights on love, loss and compassion.

Here are my top 10 highlights, direct from the Dalai Lama's mouth on the day, and now to you:

1. Some people treat Buddhism like fashion – they’ve moved on within two years.

2. Your enemy is your teacher. A teacher of tolerance.

3. To gain true knowledge and understanding, there are three steps. Hearing, investigation by oneself to develop full conviction, and familiarization.

4. 10 1/2 years have passed, there are 89 yet to come. The responsibility is on your shoulders. There is a possibility to build a better world.

5. The 20th century was one of bloodshed and violence. The 21st century should be one of peace.

6. If we stay comfortable with life and our habits, then there is no progress.

7. Your generation should focus more on inner value – that is not religious.

8. People in prison have been rejected by society. We should give them hope. We should extend our love, our concern.

9. Why are we alive? We should live a meaningful life. Sensible and happy, with no regret.

10. To practice patience, you need to find someone to trouble you. The trouble maker then provides opportunity.

His Holiness was donning a sun visor and a new pair of prescribed sunglasses.

... And just like a laughing Buddha, the Dalai Lama had even the most despondent of people in joyful stitches.

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