The Easiest Way To Bring Abundance + Positive Energy Into Your Home

Written by Benebell Wen

According to Taoist magic — a 4,000-year-old practice that traces back to Neolithic shamanism in China — we can use the life force, or Qi, within us to craft a talisman that will help achieve any aspiration. Traditional talisman crafting involves the integration of Eastern metaphysical concepts such as yin and yang, the Wu Xing (wood, fire, earth, metal, water), the I Ching trigrams, the traditional Chinese sexagenary lunisolar calendar, numerology, astrology, and martial arts.

This process of creating a talisman takes something intangible and packages it into an object you can hold in your hands. Then, this object serves as a constant reminder of your goals and intentions. Whether you call it magic or psychology, a personal talisman can help you channel your personal power toward achieving a set objective.

The Taoist paper talisman, called a Fu, is an esoteric craft that a priest or priestess might dedicate a lifetime to mastering, so the instructions provided here only skate on the surface of the ancient art. Yet even without the years of traditional, dedicated training, you can create powerful, effective Taoist paper talismans by harnessing the full power and potency of your mind and following these three steps:

1. Choose a talisman design.

Copy the talisman design of your choice onto a piece of paper. (Any size works, from a business card to a bookmark.) Try to choose paper that holds some sentimental value to you and use your favorite pen to draw the selected talisman design. As you draw or trace the talisman design, think intently on one specific goal and envision yourself achieving it. Envision yourself content and fulfilled.

The talismans invoke a sacred trinity and represent a divine decree, commanding the universe to manifest the outcome as noted. Here's what each one calls into being:

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a. Talisman for wealth

Interior glyphs represent money and riches, wind elements, and personal gains.

b. Talisman for career success

Interior glyphs represent victory, water elements, and professional advancement.

c. Talisman for work-life balance

Interior glyphs represent serenity, heaven elements, and inner harmony.

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d. Talisman for finding true love

Interior glyphs represent compatible pairings, earth elements, and chemistry.

2. Display it prominently.

When complete, prop the piece of paper in a place you pass every day, such as your vanity mirror or kitchen fridge. Every time you look at the talisman, hover your hand over the paper, close your eyes, relax, and feel as if you are receiving a powerful force of energy from the top of your head into your thoughts and down through your arm back onto the paper talisman.

As this happens, recite an affirmation that expresses the purpose of your talisman. An example might be, "I will find romantic love in a partner who supports my higher purpose." Or perhaps, "I will receive a job offer that brings me financial abundance and advances my career." Then envision a powerful force of energy going through your affirmation, surging into your body and out onto the paper talisman. Perform that visionary exercise daily.

3. Incorporate it into a full moon exercise.

On the night of the next full moon, sit somewhere quiet where you can be alone. Hold that paper talisman in both hands, close your eyes, relax, and feel as if you're channeling all of your power, will, and force into the paper. All the while, recite your affirmation. Repeat that affirmation and continue channeling that force until you intuitively feel that the paper talisman has taken on a life of its own and is fully charged. Light the room with dim candles or burn your favorite incense to get into an even more empowered state of mind.

When you're done charging your talisman, roll up the paper and carry it in your pocket, wallet, or handbag until your wish comes true. Of course, your physical actions must complement your metaphysical, so you must continue an active pursuit of your goal. After the goal has been achieved and you feel like you don't need the talisman anymore, bury it with care.

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