Not Spiritual? Here's How You Can Use Crystals

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Practical. Rational. Logical.

Three words that I'd use to describe how my mind works. In Myer-Briggs terms, that means a whole lot of T (thinking brain) and just a tiny drop of F (feeling brain).

So when I found myself for the first time in a crystal store, I was immediately skeptical. Magical rocks, really? Healing gemstones? Yeah, riiiight.

Being surrounded by Papyrus font, burning incense and bushels of sage really didn't help me take the whole crystal thing seriously. And if I'm being honest, it was all a little intimidating.

I was looking for something, desperate to feel more, but having spent years in corporate America, with only one or two spiritual bones in my body, I felt like an intruder. Did I really have to flip my life upside down and become a full-blown spiritual guru to enjoy the "energy" work of crystals? Worse, would I have to stop shaving my armpits?!

As it turns out, no. Phew.

Rational skeptics and crystals can live happily together, and here's why:

Crystals can be a tool for setting intentions, not just channeling the universe.

Let me explain.

You know when you decide you're going to buy a new car and suddenly all you see are cars, cars, cars? Crystals can work in the same way.

If you choose to carry some love-attracting rose quartz with you, you'll start to notice all the opportunities for love that come your way. When you select a crystal to keep close, you're deciding what you want to give attention to in your life. In essence, you're opening yourself up to see the opportunities when they come your way.

That's not to say crystals aren't using unique vibrations to attract things to you, or tuning into the spiritual guidance of the universe—who am I to say they're not? It's just another perspective that'll hopefully encourage a few more skeptics like me to give them a shot. And besides, at the very least you'll have something pretty to enjoy!

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