5 Simple Steps To Creating A Zen Bed For Your Best Ever Sleep

Written by Anjie Cho

When I think of a Zen bedroom, I imagine a beautiful and nurturing space that supports sleep and revitalization. One of the best ways to lose weight and improve your skin and energy levels is to get enough restful sleep!

In feng shui philosophy, the bedroom represents you and deeply affects your body and soul. At the very least we spend a handful of hour sleeping in this room. Most of that time, we're asleep, in a passive "yin" state, so what we have around us greatly shapes how restful and restorative sleep can be. Here are five simple ways to create a Zen sleeping space to maximize your beauty sleep!

What's under the bed?


As I previously noted, we spend all these hours sleeping in bed. So let's check to see what you have underneath you while you're sleeping. Some things I've seen: old tax records, love letters from ex-boyfriends, shoes, electronics, and the list goes on. Best is to have nothing under the bed, so the chi can flow smoothly. But if you must, the rule of thumb here is to have only soft sleep-related items such as pillows or blankets. Old tax records may have you stressed about money. Love letters from the one that got away may block you from new lovers. And shoes may keep your mind walking in circles.

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Your bed location


In feng shui, we have a concept called the "commanding position", which dictates how you can best locate yourself in relationship to your environment. In this case we're discussing the bed. It's best to place your bed such that it's not in line with the door and that when you're lying in bed, you can see the door. If this positioning is not possible, you can adjust by using a mirror angled such that you can see the door while lying in bed. The reason for the commanding position is that you are in a safe place and able to see the door (or danger) when you're in a helpless sleeping state, so you can be more relaxed.

Clear quartz crystals


I love using natural semiprecious crystals in my spaces because not only are they attractive, but they hold and shift the energy of a space beautifully. Clear quartz crystals can encourage restful sleep with calm and clear energy. I prefer using tumbled crystals under the bed or on the nightstand. You can try using five pieces, as five relates to the balance in the five elements from feng shui philosophy.

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Move the books out


If you have a large number of books in your bedroom, it's recommended you move them out! Books create very active energy and can stir up thoughts and ideas and may lead to unrestful sleep. I think a couple on the bedside table is fine, especially if they are books that help you fall asleep. If you are not able to move the books out for whatever reason, a beautiful scarf or other fabric can be used to cover them from view. It's preferable that the fabric matches the room in a restful color and pattern such as a soft blue or green.

Add green plants

Green houseplants work in many ways to support a nurturing bedroom space. Green is very soothing and mimics nature. In feng shui, living plants are healing and nourishing, providing life energy. And on an environmental level, plants produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, creating more restful and restorative sleep. A good option is the snake plant, which is very sturdy and produces oxygen and removes carbon dioxide at night!

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