The Wellness Trends Making Waves In London

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Renowned for its history of culture, enigmatic art scene, and leading fashionistas, some might say that London is the new epicenter in Europe for the health and wellness movement. Gone are the days of fish and chips, long happy hours at the pub, and mugs of sugar-laden tea! Instead, and catering to this momentum, a kaleidoscopic array of studios, restaurants, cafes, and farmers markets have popped up around the city.

Here, the trends that are getting Londoners to breathe better, get fitter, and dine healthier:

Hybrid Pilates

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Studios offering Pilates reformer with HIIT, and targeted fitness core classes, are growing in popularity as a more 360 approach to fitness. Form in Notting Hill employs its own MetCore workout that incorporates Pilates and metabolic conditioning for a full-body workout. Over at Heartcore, they fuse together dynamic Pilates, barre, and TRX to help you break a killer sweat, while at Bootcamp Pilates, they blend together reformer and cardio Pilates with freeform boards to challenge the core and build on posture and alignment — killer workouts for maximum results, and lots of fun, too.

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Fermented Foods & Raw Dairy Beauty

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Londoners are seeking out one of nature's best probiotics in the form of unpasteurized and fermented dairy. Unpasteurized cheeses are relatively easy to get your hands on, but there is a big trend towards kefir, a fermented milk-based drink that is bursting with beneficial bacteria. Hook & Son (who deliver to your door), and Chuckling Goat, who make a goat-based kefir, are doing big business in raw milks, butter, and cream — turned into dressings, added to smoothies, or used in chia puddings, these are easy and delicious ways to load up on probiotics from a naturally bioavailable source.

Biodynamic Natural & Organic Wines

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Here in the United Kingdom, we have become much more discerning with the grapes that we like to drink. Orange wines in particular seem to be having the most popularity — so named because of their color rather than their contents. Produced with white grape skins left on, they produce tannins that leave the wine spicier, herbier, and drier than most. Made by small, dedicated producers, most of them don't come cheap, but their fame is spreading. Find them and other biodynamic and organic options at Borough Wines, The Wine Rooms, and Yotam Ottonlenghi's Nopi.

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Gong Baths

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Sound meditation baths have moved from the metaphysical to the mainstream realm in London, partially due to the rockstar-esque sound therapist and yoga teacher Leo Cosendai. Become a "Gongster" by signing up to his newsletter, and you'll never miss a meetup again — sessions are uplifting, energizing, and invigorating, and once the sonic sound waves have washed over you, you'll be completely hooked.

The Hemsley + Hemsley Cafe

Photo: The Hemsley + Hemsley Cafe

Dine in style and substance at the H+H Cafe that opened this summer in the iconic British department store Selfridges. Healthy, hearty dishes signify the sister chefs true philosophy toward food and nutrition while all of the ingredients where possible are organic, biodynamic, locally sourced, and sustainable.

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