Why Labels Are Physically & Emotionally Harmful, According To Science

We’re sharing the best moments from #revitalize2016, our premier event bringing together wellness leaders and inspiring people. Want to get even more of the action? Check out the full talks here.

Former drug addict turned UCLA-trained addiction expert Dr. Adi Jaffe proves that there is always more to people than meets the eye and it's impossible to describe another human using a single word. The co-founder of Alternatives Addiction Treatment, Dr. Jaffe is a wealth of knowledge on the connection between labels and addictive behavior.

Here, he describes why assigning someone a label ultimately backs them into a corner that's nearly impossible to break out of. Research proves that this metaphorical corner is a dangerous place to be—one that can ultimately lead to physical and mental symptoms like depression, anxiety, and hypertension.

Listen to the rest of Dr. Adi’s talk here

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