How My Acne Turned Out To Be A Blessing & Improved My Life

Written by Anjali Lobo

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If you suffer from acne, all you dream about is having skin you don't need to hide. And you would do anything to get it. My last bid in a desperate attempt to cure my acne made me look at aspects of my life I might never have otherwise. Doing this gave me a huge insight into acne and how it goes much deeper than just skin level.

Here are the four areas of my life that I looked into to cure my acne — and because they all improved so drastically — convinced me unequivocally that what you eat, what you think, how you move, and lastly, how you perceive yourself, are the four keys to radiance inside and out.

1. Diet

During the first few years of my acne struggle, the one thing I heard from countless dermatologists was about how diet and acne are not related. So I never paid much attention to my diet. My diet was OK, but it was not great. I just thought that since I had no other health problems, I was doing well, always assuming that acne was being caused by some external factor.

However, I never had much energy and always felt tired very quickly. Years later when my acne did not abate despite countless treatments, I decided to change my diet. I made one small change and cut out all sugar. I found so much improvement in my skin in just two weeks. Thrilled by the results, I started varying my diet by adding different whole foods, grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. The resulting clearer skin and increased energy levels were amazing.

The take-away:

Knowing what I know now, I find it hard to believe that diet has no effect on how you feel and look. Changes in diet work well if you introduce one small change at a time and give yourself three to four weeks to get used to it. Don't try to cut out sugar and start eating more vegetables on the same day or even in the same week. Besides being difficult, it is not practical, so stick with one change at a time. Once you see the positive changes in your body, you will for sure be inspired to make further changes.

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2. Stress

I spent most of my teens and 20s stressed out about the silliest of things. It was a vicious cycle that I had gotten used to. One thing that caused my stress ended and I would find something else to replace it. Chronic stress does tend to weaken the immune system, leaving the body in a state of inflammation, which in turn can cause acne. I felt this was the reason I had acne that did not respond to most treatments. I started being conscious about what made me stressed and whether being stressed would help it at all. Doing this over time made me feel less overwhelmed about most things.

The take-away:

It helps to remember that some things you can do nothing about but change your reaction to them. Change what is within your control and ignore the rest. If something is bothering you, take all the steps you can to resolve it.

3. Fitness

I started exercising because I thought that it would be good to help reduce my stress levels and the extra circulation would also help clear my skin. I had no problems with my weight although I was always out of breath climbing stairs. After going on a half-hour walk every day, I started feeling better and lighter. I remember recently climbing the stairs to a lookout point and wondering, Is this all the stairs that were here before? About 10 years earlier I had climbed those same stairs and had to take two breaks and reached the top breathless. This time I was able to climb easily and without any effort.

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The take-away:

It's never too late to start working out, whether you want to get fit or for any other reason. Start small with a half-hour walk every day.

4. Confidence

Suffering from acne during my teens and 20s had a devastating effect on my self-esteem and confidence. It was hard to face the world when all I wanted to do was hide from it. And there were days when I did just that. Yet, how long was I going to let acne control my life? So I walked out, however hard that was, and let the chips fall where they may. Yes, it was painful when people were staring at my face, or rather I thought that they were. It didn't matter either way; all that mattered was that I was going about my life.

The take-away:

I know that there will be days when you want to hide from the world and not meet people. But let me tell you one thing about most people that I wish I had known early on — they don't care if you have acne. Of course you will meet those few who will make comments on the state of your skin, but most people only care how they feel around you. So even if you have acne and are positive and happy, you will make the people around you happy, and that's all they care about. However hard it may be to believe right now, acne IS temporary, but your confidence will stay with you forever

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