Secrets To Holding On To Your Summer Glow

Secrets To Holding On To Your Summer Glow Hero Image

Each and every one of us has likely had too much sun exposure. Maybe it was this past summer. Maybe it was when you were a kid. We've heard so many people say they wish they had used sunscreen when they were younger. We've heard it all — but the worst thing we've heard is that people don't use sunscreen because they think it's too late to make a difference.

Keep up your daily SPF habits

Sunscreens act not only to protect your skin but to ensure you retain your healthy glow, because collagen damage from UV light will lead to dull and uneven skin over time. Bottom line: Slather on the SPF 365 days a year for skin that's healthy enough to glow naturally.

You can repair the sun damage!

Wrinkles, dark spots, and rough skin are not simply signs of normal aging — they're visible damage. The good news is that when you know the source of the damage, you can work to prevent it and even help heal it.

Be kind to your skin by skipping harsh ingredients like retinol. Instead, use natural alternatives like lycopene or chicory root, two ingredients that help dissolve dead skin and promote cell turnover. Instead of hydroquinone to minimize dark spots, try licorice root.

Using a serum before bed, when you're exposed to minimal environmental factors, gives your skin the proper space and time to lose its dullness and flakiness, allowing more radiant skin to reach the surface.


Eat glow-boosting produce

Beta-carotenes, found in carrots, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes, can help your complexion out because of their high-antioxidant compounds that help the body fight UV damage, and their strong red-orange pigment ignites a healthy glow that begins on the inside and in turn makes the skin radiant.

Beta-carotene may also boost the effectiveness of sunscreen and reduce sunburn. The internal sunscreen protection afforded by this potent pigment is caused by beta-carotene's ability to quell oxygen damage triggered by UV rays. To boost sun protection, beta-carotene-rich recipes coupled with lots of sunscreen may be the way to go!

3 Quick & Easy Beta-Carotene-Rich Recipes

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