Here's How You Should Exercise Based On The Color Of Your Aura

Written by Leigh Weingus

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Whether you've had your aura read and analyzed or have no idea what an aura even is, you're probably familiar with the feeling of hating (or loving) some sort of exercise.

For some people that's running; for me it's indoor cycling. For years I've listened to friend after friend rave about how great they feel during and after a 45-minute session on a stationary bike, and I just don't get it. To me, pedaling to nowhere in a club-like atmosphere is pure torture.

So when I met energy coach Ariane Brandt, who spends her days and nights reading auras for her clients, I had a lot of questions for her. Sure, I was interested in aura colors and what each one meant. But as a yoga and fitness editor, I was also dying to know what types of exercise different aura colors should be doing.

Luckily, she was happy to indulge every single one of my questions. So, for anyone who has ever avoided yoga classes like the plague or is terrified of skiing, you're going to want to read this.

What is an aura, exactly?

If the word "aura" is totally foreign to you, an aura is basically the psychic energy field that surrounds each person. Each aura has a color, and that color very much reflects an individual's personality, passions, career calling, and life's purpose.

"Most people are a combination of colors," Brandt explained to me. "It's not as simple as 'this is what a Blue would do and this is what it means.' But there are things that are more prominent in specific colors. Most people can recognize themselves when I explain the characteristics of aura colors. And if you're attracted to a pastel version of the color, it might mean you're not in your full power."

When I asked her what she meant by "full power," she explained that maybe you have yet to fully come into yourself. If you can't stand your job as an accountant, for example, and are attracted to a specific pastel color, it may mean it's time to change careers.

Now, let's break down the aura colors — and the best workouts for each color.

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The scoop: Reds are very earthy and very grounded. For Reds, sex is an earthy experience. It's very much about the senses and the physicality of it, not necessarily the emotional and spiritual aspects of it. Red auras tend to gravitate toward physically oriented careers. They're usually construction workers, dancers, athletes, firefighters, or mechanics.

The workout: Reds need to sweat. They need something powerful, earthy, and integrated. Weightlifting is great for Reds, as is intense cardio.


The scoop: The Oranges are the daredevils. They're the Jackie Chans. Their work, or their first love outside of work, probably includes skiing or rock climbing.

The workout: Martial arts and extreme sports are great for Oranges. In general, they're built for sports like skiing, snowboarding, and rock climbing.


The scoop: Yellow is the color of the child. All of us are born Yellow, and most of us lose it along the way. If you have a permanent yellow aura, it's usually mixed with another color. Yellow represents laughter, joy, wonder, and curiosity.

The workout: Bottom line: It has to be fun. Yellows should do Zumba. They should try ballroom dancing. Their exercise has to be playful and joyful. Laughter yoga is a great option for Yellows.

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The scoop: Green auras are the materializers. A Green is a person who is really good with business, really good with delegating, and is strategic. They generally have a high-powered job, but they're also highly frustrated if things don't take shape.

The workout: Greens are usually ritual joggers. They also tend to like lifting weights because they can easily measure their progress. Power yoga is also good option.


The scoop: Blue is the color of parents. People take on blue when they become a parent, even if it isn't who they are. An organic Blue is a teacher, therapist, doctor, massage therapist. Blues are very much about giving back and nurturing others.

The workout: Blues have to remember to exercise because they're so busy caring about other people that they forget about themselves. Blues should do yoga, meditate, or even thinking of cleaning their houses as a form of exercise.


The scoop: Violets are missionaries, natural leaders, natural communicators, and very idealistic. They're often yoga teachers.

The workout: When Violets exercise, it has to be with a higher purpose in mind. It could be classical ballet or yoga, it just has to speak to a dimension that isn't exercise.

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The scoop: Crystals have a very high frequency and have trouble staying grounded. So they need to do things that ground them. Crystals can be in any industry because they will literally walk into a room and raise the energy. People see them as battery packs and plug into them energetically and drain them. They're beautiful, wonderful creatures, but they have to take care of themselves.

The workout: The important thing for Crystals is to do something, even if it's a walking meditation. Their workout has to allow them to move their body and access something spiritual at the same time. It has to be highly integrated.

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