Breathe Your Way To Greater Success

Inhale, Exhale.

Can achieving success really be that simple?

Well, yes! But first, let’s add in a few additional ingredients and details to take action.

To start, let’s get clear about what defines “success” when we’re seeking it. I like to think of success as something you set your mind to and achieve. Perhaps success is transitioning to a more fulfilling career, to travel three times a year, learn how to hold a handstand, or resolve a conflict with a family member.

All of these various examples of success require clarity, effort, and patience to achieve. To get to that level, we need tools.

As a business professional, yoga guide, online content creator and TV host, one of the most incredibly simple, yet powerful tools I have used to achieve some leaps and levels of success is breath work, commonly referred to in yoga as pranayama. Specifically, conscious breathing has been known to lower stress levels, alter energies, feed healthy cells, and sleep more soundly, along with many other studied and proven benefits — including success!

Looking back at our steps for achieving success (clarity, persevere and patience), I’m going to share with you two exercises to feel limitless and empowered in whatever your highest potential endeavors are calling out to you. You can be anywhere, positioned any way to do these exercises, but preferably seated with a long spine. Most important, offer your self the patience and time to set a foundation to take these steps. Because, like building a home, what good is the second floor bedroom (which I would probably turn in to a yoga room) if the foundation isn’t solid?

Exercise 1: Get Clear

  • Gently close your eyes, shift awareness from the external world to your physical space and breath. After a few rounds of organic breathing, begin extending the length of your inhales counting to six, and your exhales to six.
  • Repeat for 8 rounds or so, then releasing your counting. With a clearer mind, begin to focus on your end “success” goal. Visualize what it would feel like achieving that goal, what you would be doing now in that moment once you are there, and what thoughts are you telling your self, having achieved that result. Begin to embody the exact “person” in that position you are seeking.
  • Continue this extended breath and visualization for 5-10 minutes.

Tip: Any level of success typically involves some sort of change, and with change, obstacles are bound to arise. Using this next breath work tool, we stay true to our path and vision when perceived limitations unfold our way.

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Exercise 2: Persevere

  • Gently close your eyes, shift awareness from the external world to your physical space and breath. After a few rounds of organic breathing, begin inhaling to the count of four, holding your breath for four, and exhaling to the count of four.
  • After 6-8 rounds of breathing like so, continue counting and holding; however, begin to visualize what is holding you back or standing in your way in the moment of breath retention. Then, on the exhale, imagine your self moving past that limitation, beyond and achieving the next step towards your “success” (the same one you were visualizing in the first exercise).

Tip: Continue, repeating this breath and visualization as long as you wish, or feel clearer on moving past what is holding you back.

Ready, set, LET’S BREATH AND ACHIEVE! So, yes! Success, can really be that simple. With conscious breathing, clarity, and perseverance, you’ll be well on your way to new levels of life and success fulfillment.

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