Be Grateful for All Your Emotions: 5 Tips to Deal with Negative Thoughts

Written by Justine Giles

Today I'm grateful that I can allow myself to feel every one of my emotions. For four years I tried to block out every one of my feelings and pretend they didn't exist -- especially when it came to love. I couldn’t allow myself to be happy or sad. I lived in fear, and whenever my mind focused on negative thoughts, guess what results showed up in my life? Negative ones. Go figure :) It took me quite a long time to realized that I had let fear control me.

Now I’m proud to say that I’ve gained a lot of perspective and a lot of knowledge about my thought patterns. Now I choose to stay strong and fight thoughts of fear. I now choose to follow my heart instead of getting trapped in my head. The mind can easily become a cluttered place... if you let it.

I admit that I’m human, and I do have days where I feel “off” and I allow negative thoughts to creep in. But the difference between a year ago and today is this: I can catch myself. I can say “Whoa, don’t let your mind wander” or “fear is trying to seep in, keep your mind occupied”.

So if you ever feel your mind becoming consumed with negative thoughts, here are five tips to stop negativity dead in its tracks:

1. Listen to your thoughts. If you have a hard time seeing/hearing your negative thoughts, write them down or say them aloud. They'll probably sound quite silly.

2. Be patient with yourself . You're human after all and it's natural to have negative thoughts. But it's important to be patient with yourself and believe that you can deal with these thoughts in a positive way. If you believe you can do it, then you can!

3. Remember to breathe. This is a simple yet amazing technique. Any time negative thoughts begin to creep in, just take a few minutes to yourself, find a quiet area, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

4. Yoga and meditation can help you go even farther with stepping outside of your head. Never practiced before? Then look into getting some meditation CD'ds or attending a local yoga class.

5. Most importantly just recognize that everything is going to be okay! So what if you have a few negative thoughts? It's okay! By recognizing these negative thoughts you are already getting yourself on the path to positivity. Remember that you are not your thoughts or emotions. You are YOU and you are AMAZING.

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