5 Ways To Channel Your Femininity This Weekend

5 Ways To Channel Your Femininity This Weekend Hero Image
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Whether you've got a date night or weekend away planned, trying to retain an element of mystery is the order of the day. Not sure what beauty booty to pack?

Samantha Bard, co-founder of Brooklyn-based SHAG—a curation of retail store, art gallery and event space—thinks that the one thing you don't want to leave home without is your creativity.

"This is the most important thing in your toy box! Think about what fantasies you have always wanted to make real, and make a plan to bring those ideas to fruition. Maybe you need a new piece of lingerie to tantalize your partner? Or a blind fold and a feather tickler to tease them? Plan a night of surprise and creativity—give them something they might not expect, and see how fast it goes from lukewarm to HOT HOT HOT!"

With that in mind, here's list of essentials that I hope you can turn into the perfect date night routine (or any night, really) to add a little extra pizzazz into your life—isn't that what we all need right now?


"What heightens intimacy and makes a sexy weekend even sexier? Connection! Spend the weekend reconnecting with your partner on all levels—mentally, emotionally, and of course, physically," says Sam. If you need a jump start on reconnecting, SHAG has tons of sexy games and books, as does Amazon (think erotic dice and strip card games). Explore Kama Sutra positions, or bond through some Tantric exercises. Get to know your partner (again) with some fun games that allow for creativity and fantasy, or just close your eyes and learn to "see" them through touch.



Lotus Wei elixirs are a gentle way to bring in good vibes. The Love Elixir is an flower essence aphrodisiac to magnify receptivity and touch. Or how about using aromatherapy to heighten your interactions? I'm into burning ylang ylang, rose and jasmine in a diffuser—I'd call this little trio the epitome of sexy because all three oils are considered mood simulators. Oh, and they smell heavenly.

Shimmer body oil

Shimmery body oil has grown up and when it hits the skin, it glimmers instead of glitters. Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuse Or's formula is what I think all goddesses (yes, that's you), should be covered in head-to-toe. And like all best things, it's meant to be worn with nothing else. I also love SHAG's Near the Moon Massage Candle, hand crafted with natural ingredients. "Light the candle, let the wax burn down into an oil, and pour directly on your partner—it's low temperature soy wax, so it is warm, not hot, and the lavender-orange scent will lull you both into a blissful, sensual receptive mood. Perfect to get the evening started." says Sam.

Aphrodisiac pops

Lollipops to spice up your love life? Yes please! Pandora's Pops come in a variety of flavors, and each one contains reputed aphrodisiac herbs like rose, ginger and saffron. "Share a pop with a partner or keep one all to yourself. These handmade organic lollipops will open your capillaries and increase blood flow to all of the right places," says Sam. If you're feeling crafty and fancy some DIY cooking together, here's a great recipe for berry popsicles.

Bag of tricks

Relationship coach Effy Blue and SHAG, have teamed up to make a clever Sexy Go-Bag. "Take it to on dates or away for a weekend. It has everything you need to practice safer sex and have a great time," says Sam. Think gems like Trust Massage Oil and heavenly scented paraban-free Intimate Wipes. "Safety and quality are our key criteria when picking products for this sexy Go-Bag. Of course, let’s not forget fun, connection and intimacy!"

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