This Book Will Inspire You To Approach Life In A Whole New Way (Seriously)

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At mbg, self-improvement is all in a day's work. But even for those of us who feel at ease in the world of wellness, the amount of resources floating around can be so overwhelming that we become incapable of moving forward at all.

This decision paralysis (also known as the paradox of choice) is exactly what Greg McKeown's New York Times bestseller, Essentialism, tackles. Written in compellingly succinct prose, the book itself is a testament to the power of the Essentialist philosophy. But, what is Essentialism exactly, and what makes it such a magnetic ideology? McKeown explains it best:

At the tail end of summer, when we need inspiration and motivation more than ever, McKeown's guide absolutely hits the spot. So, if you're keen to simplify your overworked, overstimulated lifestyle for good, you know where to start: finding the best ways to invest your time and energy and doing only those to the best of our ability. In a word: Essentialism.

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