14 Things You Need To Know Today (August 3)

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1. Have avocado buns taken things a step too far?

Following sweet potato's latest brush with bread replacement, the newest Instagram-fueled food craze could be avocado buns. Don't get us wrong, we're huge fans of avocado in its many forms—from toast topper, to rose-shaped garnish, to chocolate mousse—but a bun it is not (think of the mess!). (Instagram)

2. A simple hearing test could predict autism.

Researchers at the University of Rochester have identified an inner-ear problem in children with autism that can impair their ability to recognize speech. They say it could help doctors identify autism much earlier and provide helpful interventions. (HealthDay)

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3. Carnivores, beware: Eating more animal protein is associated with a higher mortality rate.

A new study finds that eating more meat (particularly red and processed meats) is associated with a higher risk of death, due to factors like cardiovascular disease, than diets focusing on more plant-based protein. Suddenly that Impossible Burger is looking even more appealing. (Science Daily)

4. Airbnb is dipping its feet into urban planning.

The home-sharing platform just announced a new division called Samara that will design communal housing projects to help underserved communities. (Fast CoDesign)

5. Soon, emojis will acknowledge career-oriented, athletic women.

Although you can send your friends and family members tiny pictures of two men holding hands and families with two moms, as of now no emoji of athletic women with careers exist. But this fall, Apple will debut female detective and police emojis as well as female construction workers, runners, and more. It's time we all take a break from the bride emoji already! (The Cut)

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6. Boutique fitness studio owners don't tear one another down—they eat dinner together.

Three of the top female boutique fitness studio entrepreneur —Sarah Larson-Levey of Y7, Vanessa Packer of modelFIT, and Alexandra Bonetti Perez of Bari Studio—come together every month to eat a delicious, organic, home-cooked dinner, catch up, and talk shop. "Camaraderie is important," Packer told the New York Times. "We all want to do something different within health and wellness, so why not join as a united front instead of being catty and judgey?" (NYT)

7. Hypnosis could be used to replace opiates in some people.

New research on hypnosis suggests that people who are susceptible to hypnosis (about two-thirds of the population) could be treated for pain and anxiety through the treatment, thus lessening reliance on opioids and decreasing the risk of addiction. (TIME)

8. Natto might be the newest (old) superfood.

The Japanese fermented soy-based condiment is chock-full of good-for-your-gut probiotics and has a distinct flavor and texture that could be summarized as an acquired taste. Natto is said to be "one of the most potent sources of healthful bacteria there is"—are you ready to get on board? (NYT)

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9. So, Guy Fieri (yes, that Guy Fieri) wants to write a vegetarian cookbook.

Surprisingly, the celebrity chef known for his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, is actually a big fan of meat-free cuisine and hopes one day to publish a book celebrating his favorite recipes. We'll count that as a net positive. (People)

10. Why are millennials not having that much sex?

In fact, a surprising number of millennials are actually not having sex at all. Proposed explanations for the change include AIDS awareness (most millennials learned about AIDS and sex in the same breath) and the fact that the economic climate has resulted in more young people living at home, giving them fewer opportunities to have sex. (Archives of Sexual Behavior)

11. Flossing might not be so important after all.

While we've all been reminded by our dentists to floss daily, a new report finds that there's actually little evidence to support its benefits. In fact, flossing has never been shown to prevent cavities or periodontal disease. Still, it could be because most of us aren't doing it properly. (NYT)

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12. Bad news for introverts: Open floor plans actually make for more productive offices.

A new study analyzing the seating arrangements of 2,000 workers found that open floor plans, where employees sit in the same room as one another, inspire more productive people and a higher quality of work. The study also found that seating high-productivity employees who generally produce lower-quality work next to slower people who generate high-quality work maximizes these benefits. (Bloomberg)

13. A lot of meat eaters use this justification for their dietary decisions.

Many omnivores out there say they they eat only "unintelligent" animals. This is a strange explanation considering pigs are thought to be as smart as dogs, but this argument persists due to basic human psychology and the desire to think we're making decent, moral decisions. (Science of Us)

14. There is now real butter in your Egg McMuffin.

Sorry if this comes as a surprise to you, but up until now your McMuffin was made with—wait for it—liquid margarine. Although the McDonald's staple is still unhealthy (sorry), there is real butter in it now. So that's ... something? (NYT)

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