My Yoga Practice Playlist: Jamie Kent

Living in a constant state of rhythms and flows, it's no wonder yogis have such amazing taste in music. The iPod changed how we listen, but for me it also changed how I practice. A pair of headphones and I could tune out + tune in, wherever and whenever. This is the soundtrack to my practice right now.

1. Swore ~ Seafoam (Yoga Download)

2. Floating ~ Love Ingigo (Yoga Download)

3. Oceans of Extasy ~Deepak Chopra (iTunes)

4. Loopophonic ~Outlaw Dervish (Yoga Download)

5. Sweetness Follows ~ REM (Amazon)

6. Flower ~ Eels (YouTube)

7. Little One ~ Beck (Amazon)

8. Change ~ Blind Melon (Amazon)

9. Unthought Known ~ Pearl Jam (YouTube)

10. Creation Lake ~ Silversun Pickups (YouTube)

11. Adiemus ~ Adiemus (YouTube)

12. Stable Song ~ Gregory Allen Isakov (Amazon)

13. Gratitude ~ Chinmaya Dunster (YouTube)

14. Hallelujah ~ Imogean Heap (YouTube)

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