The Trick To Finding Your True Self That Blows Everything Else Out Of The Water

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To live free—that's the best and most powerful thing we could ever hope for. Not to conform, repress, hide, or live in uncertainty of who or what we are, but to live free from the bondage of self, of the shoulds, and all that is in between.

So, how do we start living free? It's simple. Practice.

We practice being our authentic, higher selves, as much as we possibly can. Of course this is difficult—maybe the most difficult thing we will ever practice doing.

This process means practicing every day to shut down the ego, remove it from your mind, keep moving, and listen to your higher self. It's a lifelong process and a constant struggle. But the benefits are more magical than we could imagine.

Freedom fills our lives with magical, powerful, fulfilling light—a calm readiness to observe and to seek love, knowledge, faith, and purpose. Rejecting the ego takes us on a daily journey of exploration—exploration of our thoughts, our feelings, our soul—our true selves.

Part of living free and silencing the ego is rejecting expectations of ourselves and others.

To connect to who we really are, we must discard the expectations of society, of our parents, and of ourselves. We must embrace our singularly free-spirited selves.

"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life." —Albert Camus

You cannot fit into someone else's expectation of a certain norm because you are indelibly, irrevocably, uniquely yourself. All my life I was told how to act, who to be, how to live. It went against everything I now know my soul came here to do. But before I realized that, I threw all of my energy into trying to fit into a mold I was never meant to fill.

Eventually, I realized that the point was not to limit myself to a life in chains, but to journey toward the free life. The point is to find myself, for you to find yourself, and for both of us to find our own unique paths through life, completely independently of one another. By detaching from the expectations of others, and those who have lived before you, you begin to observe the world calmly. This state of calm observation allows you to connect with your true, loving self, separate from the ego, and tap into your true purpose.

Our true purposes in life might be incredibly different, but they have this in common: We are all intended to make choices based on our authentic selves and our individual truths.

To move the ego aside and truly connect to the Universe, the earth, to people and to love in an authentic and unwavering way, to connect purely to life, the love of the world and the people in it is the most liberating feeling you can experience.

As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, "Just the intention to be free makes you immediately free."

So, what are you waiting for? What if you made the decision to be free?

No more comparisons, no more excuses, no more negative self-talk. Start by removing the negative, and you'll naturally create space for the positive. Through my daily practice, I've found an immense amount of both peace and struggle in getting to know my true self, but there's no turning back when it comes to self-awareness. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

When you feel the pain of disapproval or rejection, remind yourself that pain is a gift. You only feel it because you're alive, breathing, human. We are all sensitive, fragile, yet powerful creatures with the wherewithal to hang on through the darkest of times because we have hope.

Hold onto that hope and you'll see the light at the moment you need it most. And every soul-affirming choice you've made up to that point will be proven worthwhile.

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