5 Better-For-You Boozy Ice Pops Perfect For A Pool Party This Weekend

5 Better-For-You Boozy Ice Pops Perfect For A Pool Party This Weekend Hero Image
Photo: Stocksy

What's worse than a warm, melted cocktail on a summer day? That's right: nothing. Absolutely nothing. What's better than an ice-cold cocktail on a summer day? Nothing. Well, wait ... actually, there is one thing:

A boozy ice pop. Aka a poptail. Specifically one that isn't loaded with sugar, that gets its subtle sweetness from natural sources.

You want to beat the heat and beat the sweet.

So, we've rounded up some refreshing, better-for-you boozy ice pops perfect for a pool party this weekend. Who needs all that sugar weighing you down on a sticky summer day? We want fresh and clean ... and why not throw in some antioxidants, too?

Now, go forth and get it poppin'.

Red Wine Fudge Pops

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Ingredients: Dark chocolate chips, milk (can sub with cashew milk), red wine
Recipe: A Beautiful Mess

Avocado-Lime-Tequila Ice Pops

Photo: stresscake

water, limes, avocados, tequila, salt, sugar (sub with agave nectar)
Recipe: stresscake

Boozy Blueberry Pops

Photo: Channeling Contessa

Ingredients: blueberries, orange juice, lime, vodka
Recipe: Channeling Contessa

Coconut Mojito Ice Pops

Photo: Feed Me Phoebe

Ingredients: raw honey, lime juice, coconut milk, silver rum, fresh mint, sparkling water
Recipe: Feed Me Phoebe

Bloody Mary Ice Pops

Photo: Endless Simmer

Ingredients: tomato juice, lemon juice, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, vodka, Dijon mustard, chili powder, salt, pepper
Recipe: Endless Simmer

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