Every Home Needs an Om

Does your home reflect your practice? Does it scream your personality? When you come home after a long day, does your space instantly remind you of Ustrasana or does it need to be awakened after a very long Savasana?

Whether you're into edgy five inch Louboutin's or the comfy slip on Birkenstocks,have you ever noticed the resemblance between your style and your home? Do you bring your practice home to your decor? Have you ever taken a moment to look around to see if your home needs an OM?

I am a very visual person, weather it be on the mat, at work or in my home. Every little nick nack you see in my flat resembles my style, my character and my practice. The colors I tend to use over and over again is red, black, dark brown and hints of gold. From Buddha paintings to scull clocks, the correlation between my love for tea and London, the huge impact of inspiration I get from India and the edgy darkness inspired from my street style, this is all me.

What is your favorite item of clothing? What color do you like best? What is your favorite food, wine, or dessert? Where have you travelled? Where have you lived? What is your most cherished memory?

In creating a space that's an authentic expression of you, these are not arbitrary questions. They are your inspiration.

Here's what I mean. My favorite clothes are made from silk, my favorite color is black. My comfort food is Indian and I prefer to eat it at home by the fire. I will always choose red wine over white and will occasionally pop open a bottle of champagne. I've always wanted to take an elephant ride and swim in the River Ganges. I love detailing my street style with edgy accessories. Not only am I a yogini but I am also a rockstar's wife, and I love rock music. In addition to Portland, I've lived in Los Angeles, London -- England and Iskenderun -- Turkey. I've traveled in Europe, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. New York and Santa Barbara are my favorite cities and summer is the season in which I feel most alive.

Could a brown leather sofa, red accents, rock music books, candles and the scent of incense be an expression of me?

Now, ask yourself this: If I stole into your home, what would I learn about you? How would your home describe the way you live, the things you love? Is it a unique expression of you, your style and your practice?

Does it have an intention, dare I ask this but, does it have a soul?

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