How I Made It Big: Celebrity Yogi Lauren Imparato Tells All

Photo by Lauren Imparato

Just about a year ago I led an epic #RETOX class in Times Square. There, in front of my old Morgan Stanley office and in the middle of New York City, I got to share my signature #RETOX practice with a few thousand of you—all with our resident mixologist DJing on the decks.

Be you. Go conquer your stage, cue Sinatra, and go make it wherever, and however you want to be, #RETOX style.

With my limbs flailing and voice echoing on the Jumbotron between Dunkin' Donuts and Seinfeld, surrounded by thousands of skyscrapers and people breathing and moving in #RETOX unison, I had to ask myself…how did I get so lucky? How did I get here?

And then it hit me: I got here by being me.

Yoga in Times Square

Photo by Lauren Imparato

I don't pretend to be someone I am not, and I do not stand by or promote anything I do not believe in.

I am me. I speak my mind, I respect my integrity and the integrity of others, and above all, I am honest. Honest to you, me, my skills, my deficits, and my dreams. I do not pump myself up and try (often I have to try very, very hard) to not tear myself down. But no matter what, I am always, truly, unapologetically ME.

Sometimes we search for success by pretending to be someone we are not or just slightly adjusting something in hopes of making someone else love us or support us more. The thing is, that will never work. People will sniff it out as BS, and the world will ultimately call you out on it, some way, some time or another.

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Your best PR agent is you: the real, straight up, no frills you.

After looking back on this crazy path my life has taken—a successful studio, a book, a killer course here on mindbodygreen, and more—I have two words of advice for anyone who wants to follow their dreams: Own it.

Be you. Go conquer your stage, cue Sinatra, and go make it wherever, and however you want to be, #RETOX style.

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Lauren Imparato

Founder & CEO, I.AM.YOU.
Lauren Imparato — author of RETOX and one of the "100 Women in Wellness to Watch" and Elle’s "This is 30" — resigned her job as a vice president on the Wall Street trading floors in 2009 to launch I.AM.YOU, a wellness lifestyle company based on yoga, nourishment and music. In NYC and across the globe, she is renowned for her straight up, real approach to wellness and life. Imparato’s yoga classes are known for their attention to anatomy, sweat and tradition within the chaotic modern lives we lead, and are always paired with signature MusicMixes including genres like rock, salsa, jazz, hip hop and more. She has been featured in Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, Elle, New York Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Self, The Financial Times, Bloomberg News, CNN and countless others and writes for MindBodyGreen, PositiveMed and her own blog with a social media following of over 250,000. Imparato has led I.AM.YOU. classes for tens of thousands of people in Spain, Cannes Film Festival, Ibiza Opening Weekend and, most recently, all of Times Square and the great lawn of Central Park. She graduated from Princeton University.
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Lauren Imparato

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