Mythical Makeup: How Harry Potter, Manga & Tarot Influenced This Generation Of Beauty

Mythical Makeup: How Harry Potter, Manga & Tarot Influenced This Generation Of Beauty Hero Image
Photo: Getty Images Artwork: MindBodyGreen

Buying your first compact is a coming-of-age moment, like a bat mitzvah or first kiss. It's such a grown-up thing. It's nice to show off in public. Which is why I like Lime Crime Makeup's packaging as much as I do. Glittery silhouettes of unicorns emblazoned on products seem like a fitting mascot for any girl to pull out at a dinner table, especially the girl who wants to draw hearts and stars on her cheeks (isn't that every girl in the world?). I'm currently having a moment with the Cosmic Firefly, little palettes of rainbow pigments that shift color depending on what angle you're looking at. I love glitter and starry eyes because the possibilities are endless. With the days seemingly longer, a twinkle on the lids looks even more magical and fantastical come nightfall.

Magic is a compelling idea that many brands are embracing. The first to really permeate mainstream consciousness was Egyptian Magic, a heavy-duty moisturizer made of beeswax, olive oil, honey, and propolis—even more than 3,000 years later, an ode to Egypt still makes me flutter. Then came mega British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream, a dense white emulsion that actually makes you look so dewy it does seem like magic. Or you've stuck your head in a rose bush. Since I moved to New York and discovered K-Town, Korean Spa Magic Peeling Mitt is the latest incarnation that rounds up my perfect triumvirate, and makes me feel like an otherworldly mystical creature when I'm lathering up.

This interest and excitement about magic chimes with my generation, which grew up on Harry Potter, crystals, the supernatural, meditation, and all the beautiful esoteric ways of tarot and astrology. Glistening molten finishes, unctuous balms imbued with transformative ingredients, one-stop wonder tools and hyper-chromatic splashes of eye glitter juxtaposed against glowing complexions: beauty is somehow much more exciting when it has a magical component to it don't you think?


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