EarthRise Yoga Playlist 6.12 - 6.18.11

Every week in EarthRise Yoga a new sequence emerges, along with a new soundtrack for those movements. This week the focus is on ankle dexterity and joint mobility, along with a healthy dose of twisting. The music keep things moving with a heavy dose of reggae, cumbia, and a new EarthRise SoundSystem single, ending with one of my favorites by the late, great poet Gil Scott-Heron.

EarthRise Yoga Playlist 6.12-6.18.11

1. Quimey Neuquen (Chancha Via Circuito Remix) ~ Jose Larralde (Soundcloud)

2. Metaphysical Fitness ~ EarthRise SoundSystem (iTunes)

3. Heard it on the News ~ Ex-Centric Sound System (Amazon)

4. Watch That Sound ~ DJ Vadim (Amazon)

5. Boondigga ~ Fat Freddy's Drop (YouTube)

6. Thinking of You~ Lord Echo (

7. Call it Off ~ Djosos Krost (YouTube)

8. Another Moses ~ Luciano (Amazon)

9. Canta (King Coya Milonga Remix) ~ Lulacruza (YouTube)

10. Caracol (Chancha Via Circuito Remix) ~ Tremor (Soundcloud)

11. Rivers of My Father ~ Gil Scott-Heron (YouTube)

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