A Sense-Awakening Tantric Meditation To Intensify Pleasure

Tantric Sex Educator By Psalm Isadora
Tantric Sex Educator
Psalm Isadora was a renowned Tantric sex educator, sex coach, and yoga teacher who taught thousands of Tantra and sexuality workshops internationally.

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You may already know that chocolate can arouse sexual desire and that partnered meditation with your lover can lead to a deeper, more spiritual love connection. So, I've combined these two powerful aphrodisiacs into a tantric ritual I call KISS Chocolate Meditation, which awakens all five senses and teaches you to savor all of life's yummiest moments—from food to sex.

The "KISS" part of this practice is something I weave into many of the Tantra classes I teach. It's an acronym. Let me explain.

K is for Kinetic:

Tantra is about tapping into and embracing our inherent sexual energy.

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I is for Intimacy:

Tantra principles create deeper intimacy and lead you to a true "heart connection" through mindful sex.

S is for Slowing Down:

By slowing down the foreplay and intercourse, you can be more present and pay more attention to the feelings and needs of both you and your partner.

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S is for Sensuality:

Feeling sensual before you get sexual will allow you to be more connected to your heart, body, and soul and help you feel more in tune with your own body and with your partner.

It's no coincidence that I'm relating sex and food here. These are both aspects of our life that we all need to thrive. But, so many people have issues with food and sex—addictive patterns or unhealthy behavior—that it can get tricky. Adding the element of mindfulness allows you to take a healthier approach to both.

Even just the practice of eating more slowly helps you feel fuller more quickly and can help you avoid over-indulging in the "guilty pleasure" of chocolate. Where sex is concerned, slowing down gives you time to think about what you're doing—to be intentional about it—instead of making spontaneous decisions you might regret later.

The KISS Meditation is a short practice you can use daily to help you become more mindful and present in every aspect of your life. Doing the meditation regularly also makes it a ritual. Rituals help you reconnect to your self and others, even when you're totally overwhelmed.

You can also use this practice as foreplay, and tease your partner with the chocolate to build more anticipation for the main event. Or, you can apply everything you're about to learn to oral sex. Just substitute the piece of chocolate with the lingam (penis).

I believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything. This will help you slow down, appreciate what and who is around you, and to really be present and connected in mind, body, and spirit.

Here's how to practice this sense-awakening meditation, key to invigorating your sensuality and enhancing your sexuality, in or out of the bedroom.

1. Sight:

Hold a small piece of chocolate in your hand and just look at it. Many times we eat our food so quickly, we don't even see what we're eating, or we have sex with the lights off and our eyes closed. Really look at what you're about to consume. It builds anticipation. Take two or three long, deep breaths, just looking at the chocolate.

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How To Apply It To Sex:

Devour your partner visually before devouring him/her physically. Savor your partner through sight. Take him/her in with your eyes to really register who you're about to share yourself with. It builds anticipation in slowly and mindfully. Of course, use your sexiest come-hither look, and perhaps give him a compliment on how hot he/she looks.

2. Smell:

Wave the piece of chocolate under your nose and take in the seductive aroma. Inhale several long, deep breaths, and you'll notice that you might start to salivate. Smelling food before you digest it actually helps your body respond by creating the correct enzymes to digest the chocolate. It's similar to female lubrication or male erection before sex—instead of just rushing into it, let your body physically be ready and excited for it.

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How To Apply It To Sex:

Let's be realistic here—we might not want to translate this literally, because not many men would find it sexy for a woman to actively smell his penis. But, if he's wearing cologne that you like, or just has a nice, natural, manly smell, you can smell his neck or chest and tell him how sexy he smells.

3. Touch:

Trace the outline of your lips with the piece of chocolate. This builds more anticipation, and is like to make your mouth water even more. Notice how the chocolate feels on your soft, wet lips. Appreciate the creamy, silky, smooth, sensual texture of the chocolate on your lips. By now, you might really want to eat this chocolate, but stay in touch mode for a few long, deep breaths before moving on.

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How To Apply It To Sex:

This is a pretty literal translation. Trace the outline of your lips with the tip of his penis. But don't insert it into your mouth just yet. You just want to wet your whistle a bit, and tease him for now.

4. Taste:

Trace the chocolate square with the tip of your tongue now, licking the chocolate ever so gently. Do this for three to five breaths to truly savor the sensation.

How To Apply It To Sex:

Now, you can insert his penis into your mouth, but don't go into full blow job-mode just yet. Start by tracing his penis with your tongue, licking the tip and shaft, and going slowly to tease him and build up even more arousal.

5. Hear:

Now, you can put the piece of chocolate in your mouth, but don't chew and swallow it. Place it on your tongue, close your mouth, and let it melt. As it's melting, make that humming "mmm mmm" sound. The vibration in your mouth combined with the sensual yumminess of chocolate can be very arousing. It engages your senses more fully, and helps your mind stay focused on the sensations. Feel it start to melt and change shape in your mouth.

How To Apply It To Sex:

They don't call it a "hummer" for nothing. Humming while stimulating him orally is a great technique. The humming sensation creates a stimulating vibration on his penis. Now, you can fully take him in your mouth and do as you will. You can do this as foreplay for sex, or go into a lingam massage from here.

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