What Is A Divine Life Coach + How Can It Help You Find Love?

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Tanya Carroll Richardson is a professional intuitive and spiritual author who is passionate about angels, beauty, and nature. She has been in the NYC publishing world as a writer and editor for over 15 years.

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Think of guardian angels as your divine life coaches.

As I describe in my most recent book, Angel Insights, divine nondenominational angels are actually very real, practical beings who can offer guidance about most things, like emotional healing or even finding a job.

Looking for love? Angels adore amour. Whether you are single and ready to mingle or in a relationship, angels can bring more passion into your life. Here are a few ways you can call on them:

1. Find out if a pattern or belief is blocking you romantically.

Go to a room where you can shut the door, get quiet, and ask your angels the following questions. After you silently ask your angels each question, pause and wait for their answers, which could come via insightful thoughts, visions or feelings.

"Dear angels, do I have any subconscious blocks that are keeping me from my best romantic life?" Examples would be beliefs that you are not lovable, that good partners are scarce, that you have to give more in a relationship than the other person, or that all partnerships end in divorce.

"Dear angels, am I doing anything, either consciously or subconsciously, to sabotage my love life?" Maybe you’ve stopped trying to date, cut back on socializing, refuse to try new things, or put your love life last on your to-do list.

"Dear angels, what could I change to either attract an ideal partner or take my current romantic relationship to the next level?" You might need to be less rigid and more compromising, make space for something new to enter your life, or stop looking for perfection in a potential partner.

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2. Ask angels for help healing old wounds.

In my practice as an intuitive, I come across clients who avoid dating because of past wounds. I've also seen people in long-term relationships who have scar tissue built up. This guided visualization can help release any residual pain that you may be subconsciously holding on to.

Go to a quiet place where you can be alone and close your eyes. Picture two angels floating in the air in front of you, holding your heart, which looks like a big pink valentine, in between them. One of the angels opens up the cover of your heart, as you would a greeting card. On the inside of your heart lie some of your deepest romantic wounds. You might see these wounds as words (like people's names) or images (like a picture or scene of a fight you had with someone). Next, imagine the angels cleaning that big pink heart until it is clear and shining.

The first step to healing an old wound is simply getting in touch with it, and a lot of emotions can come up in this exercise—like sadness or anger. Talk about any emotions these old wounds bring up with a friend, family member, or therapist and write down how you're feeling in a journal.

3. Angels encourage you to take action.

I always refer to angels as action heroes, and most of their guidance will call on you to take some kind of action step. Make a list of small or manageable action steps you can take over the coming months to bring more romance into your life. If you have trouble finding the courage, motivation, or energy to take these action steps, call on your guardian angels (you have more than one!) for assistance.

Buy your partner flowers, or if you're not in a relationship, buy yourself flowers. If you're single, go out on a blind date, and if you're in a relationship, plan a surprise date for your partner to a place you've never been before. Take a class with your partner on something you've always wanted to try, or if you're single sign up for a class or group event where you don't know many people so you can mingle.

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4. Write your angels a “love letter.”

If you're on the market, write your angels a “love letter” asking them to send you either an ideal partner or insight on why this person has not arrived yet. Perhaps it's a question of divine timing, and you and your next partner will meet when the stars align. It's possible that you are growing and changing now, or will be in the near future, and it's best for your soul to tackle that before your next relationship starts.

Describe your ideal partner to your angels in this letter, but remember to stay open-minded and don't get too detailed. If you're in a relationship, ask the angels what you can do to deepen and strengthen this bond. Write down any guidance from angels, such as insightful thoughts, feelings, or visions, in your journal. Close this exercise by asking the angels to send you a sign over the next two weeks relating to your love life. Then watch for synchronicities: opportunities, people, music, books, or movies that come into your life and seem to have a special message about romance.

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