I'm A Nutritionist & I Don't Drink Green Juice: Here's Why

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You look down at your belly one day while you're trying to button your jeans and think, I should probably get rid of this.

You book an appointment with a nutritionist so they can hold your hand through the process. They give you a list of everything you are doing wrong, an elaborate meal plan, fancy superfoods, and if you're lucky one with simple recipes. You are sent on your way.

All this talk on GMO, organic, vegan, gluten-free—what the heck are you supposed to eat now? A question that should be so simple is now complicated.

I had hit information overload.

I am here to tell you health does not always come in the form of greens, quinoa, and yoga. I can tell you firsthand that I tried to fit that mold of health and ended up overweight and depressed.

The idea that I should be fearful of the quality of food and mindful of every action left me exhausted. I felt weighed down with information, unable to make a simple decision when it came to food. The more information I gathered, the heavier I got.

So there I was, almost graduated as a nutritionist, and was slowly gaining weight—probably not the best form of advertising for your services. One day I decided I'd had enough, I had hit information overload.

Taking a step back from it all, I realized the simpler I made things, the more committed I could be to making the right decision. That day I put down the green juice, swore off quinoa, and started making decisions that made me feel good.

For the first time, I felt truly satisfied, which stopped me from binge eating.

I naturally started eating less but eating food I loved. I found myself moving more, with exercise I actually enjoyed. I treated myself with delicious, "unhealthy" food on occasion.

For the first time, I felt truly satisfied, which stopped me from binge eating. I was in control of my decisions without the rules and guilt. Fifteen pounds down (without the help of green juice) gave me a whole lot of insight into what it truly means to be healthy.

Through my health journey, I learned ways to reprogram thoughts and rewire behavior. Rather than gathering more information, I turned inward. Meditation, journaling, creating a vision fulfilled my life in a way nutrition could not.

The right health actions came effortlessly from healthy thoughts. With a healthy body and mind, true health becomes possible.

The shift from what I was doing to my current state of being changed my world. To change your world, you have to begin with changing yourself. When you uncover the layers of fearful thinking and reconnect with who you are, your life changes.

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