The M-Spot: What It Is + Why It's So Important To Find Yours

Written by Katerina Pappas

Photo by Stocksy

I remember discovering my first M-Spot, when I was about 7. Without knowing what to call it or what it meant, my backyard, growing up, served as my place of delight and tuning in.

The M-Spot, (aka meditation spot) is what I like to think of as that sweet spot between mandatory "self-care" and truly sinking into your deepest Self, the safe place where for a few minutes out of our robotic existence we tune into what is, has been, and always will be. The space we occupy not out of dread but out of grace.

The problem: Most of us avoid meditation.

As someone whose passion is in guiding others to reconnect with themselves, I've come across some noteworthy trends. For starters, while most acknowledge the biological and psychological benefits of tuning in, nearly no one is excited to try it. And of those few who are actually excited to try it, even fewer ever will. *Womp-womp.*

Who would have ever thought that trying to relax would become so complicated?

Meditation has become to adults what broccoli is for kids—something “good” but ultimately ... yucky. And that makes sense, actually, because when we perceive anything as a "should," we usually do all we can to avoid it. Even in this case, in which what we're avoiding is essentially doing nothing!

Thich Nhat Hanh even once said, "If you don't find pleasure to sit, don't sit. You have to learn the correct spirit of sitting. Sitting should be pleasant."

The solution: That's where nature comes in.

We are bio-electrical beings living on a little blue electrical planet. The Earth emits what we call electromagnetic energy; it's a subtle wave of electricity that recharges our bodies and absorbs our tension. It's no secret that our wellness is heavily dependent on what kind of energy we are consuming, literally.

It has been my experience that when I meditate outdoors, my body surrenders faster to my breath and my mind doesn't put up as much as a fight. Being outside raises our vibration; it helps lower our cortisol levels and gives us a break from the rampant EMF radiation of Wi-Fi, cellphones, TVs, and microwaves that depletes our life force and clarity.

Summer has to be the popular season because, of the many reasons, we get to be outside! (That, and ice cream.)

Sure, while we could try to find peace in a cluttered room or sterile studio, why not give ourselves the most ideal environment to expand and reset?

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How to find your perfect M-spot

Finding your new favorite M-spot is easy. You just have to do one thing: Close your eyes and bring to mind a natural landscape that inspires and relaxes you.

Do you ever drive by a certain park, lake, beach, trail, or garden and think, Ahh, that looks so nice?

If so, I'd encourage you to follow up on that inner yearning by test-driving that impulse to explore! Make a pact with that location to meet once or twice a week for a secret rendezvous. Take a walk, journal, draw, swim. The ways to ally with our natural environment in re-configuring our "software" are endless.

Our bodies are constantly giving us clues into ways of connecting with our Source. And while there's no doubt that those clues are easy to ignore, what if we made an inner agreement to invest at least five minutes to feeling out whatever triggered our body's curiosity?

Communing with our breath opens up our channels to start reconnecting with what feels right. And once we find it, it's almost guaranteed we'll keep coming back for more.

It all starts by simply paying attention to what is calling to us. Let the ocean waves, gentle breeze, shady forest, or warm sand give you a hand in getting there.

Björk probably put it best by saying, “I never really understood the word ‘loneliness.' As far as I was concerned, I was in an orgy with the sky and the ocean, and with nature."

It's time to start feeling good.

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