How Moon Cycles Can Elevate Your Nighttime Tea (Yes, Really)

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The organic food industry is booming these days—U.S. sales climbed 11 percent last year alone. Consumers are clearly catching on to the benefits of natural foods that are made without harsh chemicals or fertilizers.

However, there's another type of responsible farming that most of us aren't as familiar with—one that goes a step beyond organic with a little help from astrological cycles.

Biodynamic agriculture cranks eco-friendly food production up a notch by using restorative techniques to actually improve farmland. By composting, rotating crops, and syncing up with natural cycles like the light of the sun and phases of the moon, biodynamic farmers grow healthy food that has a positive environmental impact.

Though ancient cultures have been practicing rejuvenating farming techniques for eons—there's evidence that composting got its start in the Akkadian Empire about 10,000 years ago—the term "biodynamic" was first coined by farmer-philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1947. Steiner called on farmers to treat land like a “living organism” and formulate gardening techniques that work with, not against, nature.

His message seems to have gotten lost in translation over the last 50-plus years. Today, in the age of large-scale agriculture and factory farming, it's tough to find examples of growers doing good.

ORGANIC INDIA is one such example, and the company has fully integrated regenerative agriculture into its business model. All of its teas and herbal supplements are harvested using regenerative practices that pump nutrients back into the soil.

The India-based producer operates on the principle that healthy soil makes for a better Earth and a better product. In addition to pulling carbon dioxide from the air, strong soil can infuse crops with vital nutrients like calcium and phosphorous.

ORGANIC INDIA's farmers make sure that theirs is top notch by planting and harvesting in unison with the cycle of the moon, consistently rotating crops, and using natural pest management techniques. They pick the entire plant, which is kept in its purest form throughout the production process, resulting in a super-nutrient-dense herb that's easy for the body to absorb.

ORGANIC INDIA pairs a responsible product with a responsible work mentality. Many of the farmers it employs are marginalized people in India who may not have otherwise found work. The company teaches these farmers biodynamic principles, pays for their organic certifications, and buys their crops at market price. ORGANIC INDIA growers are also encouraged to use their newfound expertise to harvest food to feed their own families.

Their crops are worked into a variety of teas and supplements—each packed with its own arsenal of nutritional benefits. Our personal favorite is the detoxifying, immunity-boosting Tulsi Turmeric Ginger Tea.

The tea is full of adaptogens like tulsi, or holy basil, which boosts the body's natural immunity. Known in Ayurveda as the “Queen of Herbs,” tulsi also regulates the body’s stress response. It's paired with turmeric, which supports a healthy response to inflammation and improves digestion, and antioxidant-rich ginger and cinnamon.

The herbal arrangement makes for a soothing, caffeine-free drink that's perfect to enjoy before bed.

Good night, indeed.

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