Are Past Life Regressions The Next Wave In Spirituality?

Written by Brock Cannon
Are Past Life Regressions The Next Wave In Spirituality?

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The other week, my friend sat down with me over lunch and told me that he’d just had a past life regression session with a local healer.

“Past life what?” I asked.

He then explained that past life regressions allow you to "visit" your past lives through a combination of deep relaxation and hypnotherapy. They provide deep insights into the root of who we really are, so we can more effectively navigate the life we are currently living.

As someone who was raised Mormon, all of this was new to me. I'd heard about reincarnation but had never thought about approaching it in such a tangible, direct way. Over the past several years, though, I'd opened myself up to learning about different religions and exploring my own spirituality, so I decided to give it a shot and schedule an appointment with the healer my friend had recommended.

I was a tad skeptical walking into the session, but the healer immediately put me at ease with her beautiful, kind energy. During the first part of our three-hour session, she asked questions to get to know me and then guided me into a very deep state of relaxation. Once my eyes were closed and I was totally relaxed, she had me subconsciously enter what is known as the "hall of records," where I saw many doors.

I immediately felt drawn to the third door and found a serene landscape behind it. Once I approached this space mentally, the healer asked me to describe myself. I felt the words flow out freely, with more specificity and emotion than I'd ever been able to conjure before. She spent the next couple of hours guiding me through various scenes from my past life—each one filled with vivid detail.

The experience rocked me down to the core, and I vibrated for days afterward. Here are some take-aways from my first past life regression session:

1. We are all connected.

During my session, my healer taught me that our souls continue on through multiple lives and take on various temporary physical bodies. That's the reason we sometimes feel instantly connected to certain people after first meeting them.

My past life experience helped me identify some of these “soul friends." It also showed me that I've been connected with every person on this earth for a long time, which has helped me cultivate more compassion and patience for everyone around me.

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2. We are here to learn.

Through my guided meditation, I saw some of the most difficult moments of my life in vivid detail. I saw my professional life and my personal life. I saw myself as a part of my community and a part of my family. My healer said that the soul has certain lessons it needs to learn, and it does so over different lifetimes. It suddenly became very clear what lessons I still needed to learn in this life.

3. There's a reason we are the way we are.

When my healer guided me into my past life, I was able to identify certain traits about my soul that were true then and are still part of my identity now. I noticed that my past soul loved looking at sunsets and drinking tea—two activities I still hold dear. In the past life I saw, I was a person who loved deeply. I had loved a girl, and my heart was so broken with her loss that I really never had another intimate partner again. Instead, I buried myself in my work.

My healer told me that our souls sometimes change drastically from life to life, and sometimes the change is much more gradual. She explained that many of our same traits carry into our next lives. In the session, I could see parts of who I am now. I still love deeply; I still love to help people, and I often love to isolate myself in quiet reflection.

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4. Love is the answer.

People often see the moment they died in a past life during these sessions. My healer guided me through this dying moment and brought me to the place my soul went afterward. The most intense feeling of love quickly followed. In that surreal moment, I learned that love is the essence of our existence. Our soul, our higher self, our core—they are all rooted in love. Knowing that has helped me remember that material possessions are not what's important. Rather, the ability to love ourselves and others fully is what makes for a fulfilling life.

5. The ego is convincing.

Lastly, I learned that we aren’t who we think we are. The ego self is very convincing and tries to tell us that we are just this body that we look at in the mirror. It convinces us to run around in the rat race, chasing money and other things that are supposed to make us happy. It convinces us that we aren’t good enough, rich enough, or attractive enough. But it’s all a lie. Through the past life regression experience, I’ve developed a better understanding of who we really are. We are light. We are love. We are more than the ego.

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